“We are going to get right back up:” Democratic challenger Mary Burke concedes governor’s race

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MADISON (WITI/AP) -- Wisconsin's Republican Gov. Scott Walker has defeated Democratic challenger Mary Burke, winning re-election to a second term.

Walker's win Tuesday marks his third victory in four years. He won a first term in 2010 and a recall election in 2012 prompted by anger over a law that effectively ended collective bargaining for most public workers.

The win also keeps Walker in the mix for a potential 2016 GOP presidential bid, although he downplayed such talk during the tough re-election campaign against Burke.

She is a former Trek Bicycles executive and state Commerce Department secretary who argued that Walker failed the state and was too divisive.

But Walker prevailed by arguing that he turned around the state's economy while cutting taxes and wiping out a budget shortfall.

Burke addressed supporters at Madison's Overture Center Tuesday night. This, after Burke made several campaign stops on Election Day.

Burke on Tuesday, November 4th made stops in Green Bay, Wausau and Milwaukee.

On Tuesday evening, she was in Madison kicking off a voter canvas -- getting volunteers ready to knock on more doors.

This, after Burke's 13-hour campaign marathon Monday, when she crisscrossed the state.

On Monday night, Burke was joined by Senator Tammy Baldwin for a "thank you" celebration Burke held in Madison for her campaign volunteers.

On Tuesday, Burke said she was looking forward to watching the results come in.

"We are so close to victory. I am so proud of the campaign we have run. It is about Wisconsin's future, and we can bring this state back together. It does not have to be the divisiveness we have seen over the last four years," Burke said earlier Tuesday.

Campaign managers were watching the results come in from traditionally Democratic areas like Milwaukee and Burke's hometown of Madison, and said both should will be wins for Burke.

"Leaving no stone unturned.  For those who are track fans, or run races, we`re running through the tape.  Mary is going to leave no stone unturned.  She`s going to wake up every single day as governor committed to working her tail off to create more jobs and opportunity," Burke for Governor Communications Director Joe Zepecki said.

Mike Tate, Chairman of the Wisconsin Democratic Party issued this statement on the election results:

“The results weren’t what we hoped for, but the people have spoken and we congratulate Gov. Walker and the Republican Party of Wisconsin on their victory tonight.

We also congratulate and thank Mary Burke for running a spirited, ideas-driven campaign that we can all be proud of. Against all the odds, and facing an influx of special interest cash and negative attack ads, Mary came much closer to victory than anyone could have predicted and did so with dignity and determination.

To all of you who have stood alongside us in this fight, I thank you for every door you knocked, every call you made, every dollar you donated, and every day you kept the hope alive for a better Wisconsin.

Today we lost an election, but tomorrow the hard task of governing begins anew for Scott Walker. And the fight for the progressive values we believe in will continue as we immediately begin planning for victory in 2016."

CLICK HERE to access BurkeForWisconsin.com.


  • R

    Time to get on her bike and take a Trek on out of here. Maybe see if Daddy is hiring. Bring a new factory job, but hope you can learn Chinese.

  • Andy

    Hmm… She didn’t take Dane OR Milwaukee county. Even your “home town” couldn’t stand to look at you anymore! Just go away. You tried, and failed terrible.

  • Amy

    Scott Walker is all about the “Rich people”. What about the middle class? Where are the jobs at?? Raise Minimum wage? If there were jobs maybe us poor citizens wouldn’t need to get government help.

    • Ritionga

      Many of the communities that lavk job growth are under Democratic leadership. Milwaukee, for instance, has been under Democratic and Socialist leadership for decades. Even when the stars are aligned and there is also a Democratic governor or President, Milwaukee still cant seem to create jobs. Its time to stop blindly blaming conservative policies and start recognizing that the same old same old isn’t really working.

    • 2ECOND

      if you want to get out from under the minimum wage cloud, get yourself educated. the middle class shouldn’t have to subsidize those who don’t want or care to improve their situation.

      • Amy

        Here’s my situation so you can get a better understanding! ! I went to school , never was able to find a job for what I went to school for. Still Searching For 5 Years now! What choice do I have?? I’m stuck with student loans,(that I still can’t even pay) I’m a single mother in debt working to make ends meet.. making sure my children have food, a place to live & also most importantly health insurance. (Which my job doesn’t offer)

      • Amy

        I sure did and u gotta problem with that? Sorry I’m not “Rich and high class” like you. You dont need to judge everyone and their stories…Clearly we know this is about one race.

    • JC

      Raising minimum wage hurts the middle class, high school economics teaches you that. How about you take some of that government aide and go to school and learn a skill that can earn you more than minimum wage.

  • bob

    some do need ebt cards. most don’t though. they take advantage of the system and milk it for everything they can. how about they get a job and move off of the state funded gift certificates? liberals are slave owners. they keep the poor down and poor for their political gain. they dont want poor people thinking for themselves or becoming successful. because when they do, they will figure it out.

  • Lauren

    Just so you know, young people do pay attention and vote. Im 19 and actually voted early. I know over 100 “young people” that went out and voted tonight. Don’t blame a loss on “young people”, blame it on a crappy candidate who couldn’t plagiarize her plans enough to convince people to vote for her.


    Dear Meee, It is a given that people need help and should have a system in place that no ones goes hungry or without heat. I am all for it. The problem is the leechers are ruining it for the ones that pay and the ones that really need help. You can’t keep the candy jar out and think everyone will only take one.

  • Sarah

    They hit Walker for HIS attack ads? Isn’t that all Mary Burke ran for her ads?? At least Walker’s had more truth in them than hers…

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