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GOP’s Paul Ryan to Pres. Obama: Leave executive orders alone

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Paul Ryan

MILWAUKEE (AP) — U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan says if he could send a message to President Barack Obama, it would be to work with Republicans in Congress and avoid executive orders.

Ryan was elected Tuesday to a ninth term in Congress and is frequently mentioned as a possible GOP presidential contender in 2016.

He told CBS News that Republican control of the U.S. Senate gives lawmakers a chance to get something done. He says the House has passed nearly 400 bills that didn’t go anywhere in the Senate when Democrats had control.

Ryan says controlling both chambers means Republicans will be able to pass bills and send them to Obama for his signature. He says lawmakers can “give the president a chance to actually make a decision.”


  • JokeEnthusiast

    I know what decision he will make in the vast majority of cases if any of those bills Ryan is talking about are an indicator of what’s to come.

  • Michael De Rigueur

    Comical stuff coming from Paul Ryan. President Obama has issued less executive orders per year in office ( 33.57 per year – compare to = Bush Two 36.38 per year, Clinton 45.5 per year, Bush One 41.5 per year, Reagan 47.63 per year to name the immediate predecessors) than any president since Grover Cleveland, over 100 years ago. Of course you’ve got to consider the source here. Paul Ryan is not too good with math as you may recall. How fast did he say he ran that marathon again?

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