Jury trial underway for Kris Zocco, believed to be the last person to see Kelly Dwyer

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MILWAUKEE COUNTY (WITI) -- Charged in two separate cases — one involving possession of drugs and another involving possession of child pornography, he’s also the man believed to be the last person to have seen 27-year-old Kelly Dwyer, who disappeared last October. Kris Zocco's jury trial began Monday, November 10th.

The jury trial began Monday morning -- with jury selection. Eight women and five men have been selected to serve -- and one of them will be an alternate.

Zocco does not face any charges in connection with the disappearance of Kelly Dwyer.

In the initial case filed against him, Zocco faces the following charges:

  • maintaining a drug trafficking place – a felony
  • possession with intent to deliver THC, less than 200 grams – a felony
  • possession of narcotic drugs – a felony
  • possession of cocaine – a misdemeanor
  • possession of drug paraphernalia – a misdemeanor

In a separate case, Zocco faces 17 counts of possession of child pornography.

kelly dwyer

Kelly Dwyer

It has been a little more than a year since Kelly Dwyer went missing. Her whereabouts remain unknown.

Zocco has been questioned as to Dwyer’s disappearance, and the charges he faces are related to what police say they discovered in their search for Dwyer. Investigators say they found numerous images of child pornography on Zocco’s computer and drugs and drug paraphernalia in his East Side apartment.

During jury selection, Kris Zocco's attorney asked potential jurors whether they've ever downloaded a virus by mistake. Responding to the child pornography charges filed against him, the defense has implied Zocco had so much on his computer he didn't know what was on it -- despite the fact that Kris Zocco works as an IT professional.

"He did find 22 different videos with child pornography -- with one as young as one year of age or toddlers and pubescent or prepubescent children -- all girls, being sexually assaulted in various ways by male subjects," prosecutor Sara Lewis said in court Monday.

"Not only does my client not have to prove his innocence, he does not have to testify," Zocco's attorney Dennis Coffey said.

On Monday evening, the first witness was called in Zocco's jury trial.

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  • Wisconsin

    This guy is such a dirt ball. A man with $$$ can make someone disappear. And child porn too… hope all your friends and family think your a POS after all this! Rot in He!!

  • Melissa

    I think everyone knows he killed her. Just need to find the body. Lesson to other little girls. Don’t do drugs and don’t hang out with guys who do drugs (or look at kiddie porn). You too may disappear.

  • Gaylord

    I. Am against the death penalty. That said there is always a exception. Kill the pervert. That way he will not make another victim.

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