SENTENCED: One of three charged in connection with two armed robberies is going to prison

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Kareem Body-Etti

MILWAUKEE COUNTY (WITI) — Found guilty of six separate felony armed robbery charges following a jury trial, one of three charged in connection with two separate armed robberies occurring on the same night has been sentenced.

18-year-old Kareem Body-Etti pleaded not guilty to all six felony armed robbery charges filed against him — but a jury found him guilty.

On Monday, Novemer 10th, Body-Etti was sentenced to three years in prison and two years of extended supervision on each charge. Three of those sentences are to be served consecutively, and three are to be served concurrently.

In all, Body-Etti will serve nine years in prison, and six years of extended supervision.

He will receive credit for 184 days served.

18-year-old Deviondre Jackson of Milwaukee faced two felony armed robbery charges in this case. He pleaded guilty to one of the charges, and the other was dropped.

Jackson was sentenced to two years and six months in prison and four years of extended supervision.

17-year-old Jaric Turner of Milwaukee faces four felony armed robbery charges.

Turner has a plea hearing scheduled for this Wednesday, November 13th.

A fourth juvenile suspect has also been charged.

The case involves two armed robberies that occurred on May 11th. The first occurred near 3rd and National Avenue.

Police say the group allegedly demanded valuables from the victims, a 31-year-old Milwaukee man and a 32-year-old Milwaukee man, at gunpoint.

The victims complied and the suspects fled.

Approximately 40 minutes later and in the same area, the suspects are accused of committing another armed robbery and stole purses and cell phones from two female victims, a 28-year-old woman and a 32-year-old Milwaukee woman.

Milwaukee officers learned the same silver car was used in both crimes.

Officers from District Two later spotted the vehicle at a gas station near 1st and Mineral.

They found all four suspects and took them into custody.

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  • ......

    They will be out in a couple of years doing it all over again, only better…they will learn their trade better in prison learning from other crooks. SMH……

  • mh

    Wow, what crappy sentences! These guys will be back at it in a few years! Maybe they will kill someone next time. The guy that stole the violin got 7 years for robbing one person….

    • 2ECOND

      that sir is the works of a fine group of pos judges. the legal system is broke. pos thug gets a few years prison, and when he gets out, next time he’ll be murdering someone for their stuff.

  • dianne

    These are lifetime criminals..a waste of life..they will forever be a scab on society…worthless..will re offend..will never be able to lawfully support themselves. ..great job mom and sympathy or tolerance..for such behavior

  • Tamika

    The American people deserve more than to have this person in prison for a short amount of time. Three strikes your out is bull. I say three strikes – your dead, Save taxpayers money on food shelter and clothing. Worthless POS’s.

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