Alderman Joe Davis Sr. to John Chisholm: Make a decision NOW in Dontre Hamilton case, or resign

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee Alderman Joe Davis Sr. is challenging Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm. Davis is asking that Chisholm either make a decision now as to whether criminal charges will be filed against Christopher Manney -- the officer who shot and killed Dontre Hamilton, or resign. Chisholm says he's still waiting for outside experts to finish their review of the Red Arrow Park shooting.

It has been more than six months since Christopher Manney shot and killed Dontre Hamilton at Red Arrow Park. Manney has been fired from the Milwaukee Police Department over his handling of Hamilton -- a termination he has appealed.

Alderman Davis Sr. says Chisholm has had more than enough time to review the incident and decide whether Manney will face criminal charges. Chisholm says he's just trying to be thorough.

Alderman Davis Sr. says last Thursday's Fire and Police Commission meeting -- attended by supporters of Dontre Hamilton and Christopher Manney was the last straw. He says the city needs to know whether Manney will face criminal charges in the case.

"I did some reflecting after the Fire and Police Commission meeting and that was a painful process for me as an elected official to see the city so divided," Alderman Davis Sr. said.

Alderman Davis Sr. issued a statement on Tuesday, November 11th -- demanding Chisholm make a decision on Manney now -- or resign.

"People elected him to do a job," Alderman Davis Sr. said.

Chisholm declined to talk with FOX6 News on camera on Tuesday -- but said by phone he's still waiting to hear back from both the FBI and an outside national expert. Once he gets those reports, Chisholm says a decision will soon follow.

"I certainly understand the desire to have a decision as quickly as possible, but I also  believe that the vast majority of citizens want to make sure my decision is based on all the facts and the best evidence that`s available," Chisholm said.

Chisholm says a new state law requiring an independent review of police-involved deaths has changed his process. In the past, Chisholm says the state's Division of Criminal Investigation provided an outside review. Now, DCI is listed as the lead investigator, forcing Chisholm to find another independent consultant.

"With independence, sometimes you can`t control the timing of that and so what we`re doing is we`ve conveyed our urgency, our desire to get this information as quickly as we possibly can so we can make that decision," Chisholm said.

"It`s his call. It`s no one else`s call. He needs to make it and he needs to make it in an expeditious manner so people can have closure with this," Alderman Davis Sr. said.

Alderman Davis Sr. recently announced he's running for mayor of Milwaukee, but he insists that has nothing to do with his decision to challenge Chisholm.

Chisholm says while he's aware of Alderman Davis Sr.'s statement, it won't affect the timing of his decision.

READ IT: Alderman Joe Davis Sr. statement to District Attorney John Chisholm

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  • diane

    who is he to say what and when..but I too think there needs to be a decision..and what ever it is deal with it..if there are charges there will be a trial and not guilty until proven in a court of law..and I am sure it won’t happen in Milwaukee or a surrounding county , too racial too bias too prejudicial.couldn’t get a fair trial around this area, also if no charges deal with it but elts get it over with……….

  • get real

    This decision should have been made in days, possibly at most weeks not months.
    The delay is commonly used by that office, nothing new there.
    The fact of the matter is that Officer Manney did nothing wrong. His actions were correct. He acted in defense of his life as permitted by law, the same law that allows any citizen to protect themselves.


    They already know the answer and want the proverbial green light proceed with their monetary agenda…

  • MHemp

    The family, with all the protests and marches, have already bullied the police commission into firing the officer. So, I guess the next step on the list is to get the Alderman fired as well? It seems as thought they won’t be happy until everyone that doesn’t agree with them is fired. All the protests in the world are not going to bring back your family member. Perhaps it’s time to move on with your life!?! Do something useful with your time, for instance start a scholarship in your sons’ name for at risk youth.

  • REAGAN 84

    Hey Alderman,if the cop had been BLACK and Hamilton WHITE there NEVER would of been any controversy from the black community and the cop would still have his job. I suggest you and your comminity worry about all the black on black crime that is rampant daily in Milwaukee and stop worrying about what WHITEY or doesn’t do.

  • dianne

    Reagan the family only gives a rat’s a $$…because..they see $$$$$…& tv time…they didnt care before..or he wouldnt be sleeping on the sidewalk.. and they could have paid for his working people do…who have ins..with corpus or no pays…they would have been there for him..

    • Scott

      How could you possibly know what this man’s family does or does not care about? Your inflammatory statement could have only been spoken in attempt to incite anger. Which makes you a troll.

  • Semper Fidelis

    It doesn’t take this long, come out with the scoop and move on……….deal with it. Either way it goes, it’s a sad event.

  • LJ

    blaming the fbi and other agencies for the delay seems like a seriously flawed excuse….makes you wonder what else is going on that we haven’t heard about yet…

  • tina

    Chisholm is unethical, racist and discriminates against minorities. He seriously needs to resign as he doesn’t fit the shoes of his position. Despite his excuses, Chisholm is who he is -an unfit man for the job, trust me if you know him you would say the same thing…..

  • wtf

    scott get with the program they didn’t care prior to his untimely death, they even had harrassment charges against him and dontre had disorderly condut charges at one point (all public knowledge by the way)..he didn’t work so how can they claim loss of income really now isn’t that a stretch, if they loved him so why was he sleeping on a public sidewalk without medication he needed? why wasn’t he on their couch? why couldn’t they spring the $$ for his medications until they could straighten out “public funding’? Sure they see a potential $$$ settlement both Dontre and his mom maria combined have monies owed for tickets, evictions and to american family insurance combined about $10,000 or so (all public knowledge) I am sure they always cared but now they see a payday…it is plain as day….

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