Racine parents charged with child neglect, accused of leaving five-year-old daughter home alone

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Claire Fox

RACINE COUNTY (WITI) — Racine parents are charged with child neglect — accused of leaving their small child home alone.

23-year-old Jordon Liberty and 25-year-old Claire Fox each face a child neglect charge in this case.

A criminal complaint filed against them says police were called out to a home on State Highway 31 in the Village of Caledonia on Tuesday, November 11th for a report of a five-year-old child at home alone.

Police spoke with the child’s grandmother, who said the child was inside her son’s home by herself.

Police found that the child was sleeping in a room in the home — and they tried to wake her, but were unable to. Eventually, the complaint says police were able to open a window and make entry into the home.

Police made contact with the child’s mother, Claire Fox when a traffic stop was executed on her vehicle. The complaint says Fox told police she had left the home between 8:30 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. to hang out with a friend — knowing that the child’s father, Jordon Liberty would be leaving to go to work, as he worked third shift.

The complaint says Fox told police she was at fault for not being home to watch her daughter.

Police spoke with Jordon Liberty, who said he knew no one was home with his daughter, but he left for work anyway. When asked why he didn’t contact his mother who lives next door to watch the child, he didn’t have an answer for police, according to the complaint.


  • Marina

    Interesting how my comment on how inaccurate this story is, got deleted? Can’t take criticism then don’t become a reporter or get your story straight! Don’t sit there and make Claire out to this innocent angel and Jordon is the one at fault when the child is CLAIRES and she knew he works third shift since he has been for years and years. So WHY didn’t she come home before he left? Why isn’t that in your story? Why aren’t her other charges part of your story? And why do you feel the need to target Jordon when he is the least at fault? Go ahead and delete my comment again but there’s a thousand others who will comment on this page so you might as well edit your story or take it down for extremely false information.

    • Donna Irving

      How do you figure Jordon is the least at fault.. He was the last one in care of the child, and he is the one that left the child alone. Seems to me Claire wasnt at the house so to me she is the least at fault. He could have seeked helped from his mother who was next door. Jordan is the one who did not make proper adult decisions and left the child alone.

    • Concerned parent

      Maybe because she is no longer charged with anything other than neglect. I am not defending anyone. I think the whole thing is disgusting. The only thing that should matter in this case is the CHILD!!!!! And I realize the story in inaccurate, but if Jordon left the child in the house alone, according to the complaint, it is something he admitted to, he is just as guilty as Claire. And it shouldn’t be just misdemeanor charges for either of them!!!!!

      • Kat

        Well there people go again assuming. When Jordon was asked why he didn’t ask his mother and he “had nothing to say” is apparently the same as “I’m done talking until I see my lawyer” and Jordon is a great man and father so before bashing someone why don’t you get your facts straight.

    • somebody

      SO FUNNY THAT YOU SAID THAT! I commented on WISN for putting the wrong city with the wrong attraction and they deleted it too. Freedom of speak? Apparently not so much.

      • Paf Dvorak

        “Freedom of speech” is the right guaranteed by the constitution not to be violated by government. Private companies that allow you to post on their website’s are under no obligation to allow you to say whatever you like.

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