“The money is gone!” Teary mugshot drew $114K in donations, but prosecutors have taken back their deal

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PHOENIX (WITI/CNN) — She could have had all of the charges against her dropped — but now, prosecutors have taken back their deal.

Shanesha Taylor (Photo: Scottsdale Police Department)

Shanesha Taylor (Photo: Scottsdale Police Department)

You may remember Shanesha Taylor.

Taylor received $114,000 in donations after people saw her teary mugshot when she was arrested on March 20th — after leaving her two sons in her hot car for about 45 minutes while she interviewed for a job.

Civil rights activitst Rev. Jarrett Maupin, who led the charge to support Taylor following her arrest — now says he’s done.

He says after helping to broker the “deal of a lifetime” with prosectuors — where there would be no charges if Taylor attended drug and parenting classes and put some of the money given to her into a trust for her children, Taylor has not followed through.

Maupin says he lined up numerous job interviews for Taylor in the hotel, restaurant and retail industries. Interviews he says she never showed up for.

“She didn’t go to the interviews, didn’t return calls, wasn’t interested in the kind of jobs we were able to bring to the table for her. This was someone who had no job at all,” Maupin said.

And that’s not all.

Taylor missed the deadline for putting the $40,000 into a trust fund for her children.

So where is the money?

“The money is gone. It’s been spent. It’s been wasted on designer clothes, Michael Kors. We want to see the bank statements because we see her in designer jeans, and we understand that she paid for studio time for her baby daddy’s rap career. I am flabbergasted by that,” Maupin said.

Maupin says they have reports that Taylor spent $6,000 on studio time for the father of her children. He believes that the once-estranged father came back only after Taylor had the donated money.

Maupin says he couldn’t be more disappointed in Taylor.

“I just hope we haven’t spoiled that goodwill throughout the country because there is going to be someone else that is going to need help,” Maupin said.

Prosecutors have now taken back their deal, and Taylor is facing charges. Meanwhile, some of her supporters say they want their money back, and her private lawyers have quit.

Taylor has been assigned a public defender, and she’s set to stand trial for December 10th.

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  • Amy

    Wow, this angers my soul. I have 4 kids, lost my job last Feb. when the company closed down, car broke down on my way to a job interview 2 months later and now I’m behind on everything and still looking for work in walking distance and taking my 2 youngest kids with me because I have no choice. If given $114,000 I would buy a car, pay rent for a year, put a chunk back for my kids and the rest would go into a savings account. The courts were so lenient with her, she endangered her kids and was given an opportunity to push that under the rug, that doesn’t normally happen with these types of scenarios. And to pour salt on the wound she really gave her kids dad money. Where was he when she was at that interview and needed a sitter? I would give my right hand for a job and she doesn’t even show up for jobs being placed at her feet. She doesn’t deserve to be a mother, no real mother would squander any opportunities to better the lives of her children. $114,000 isn’t a lot of money in todays day and age, but to a single mom struggling every day to survive with her children it would be more than money, it would mean opportunity, breathing room, and a glimpse of hope for the future. She should be ashamed of herself.

    • Crystal

      I %100 agree with you. I’m a struggling single mom of 2 and I would do the exact thing word for word what you would do. But because we are responsible parents who would never leave our kids unattended we will never get noticed or receive any kind of mass donation. This woman doesn’t deserve her kids whatsoever. She had a real shot at making her & her kids life better and she blew it big time. She was given a solid opportunity and just threw it away.

  • hahaha

    reminds me of the Dave Chapelle joke from his show where he sold a house for 400 thousand dollars and with the money did a huge drug party hahhahahahaha
    reality imitating art hahaha, these people were fools hahahahaha

    • morkymork

      most Americans are not remotely like this so I don’t know what you mean. Remember we have millions upon millions wanting to sneak in and set up their lives here.

  • Mike

    You basically give somebody a lottery jackpot who comes from a lower-class background and actually expect them to manage that money wisely??

    Was there even a financial advisor brought in to counsel this women on what she needed to do, or did the Pastor just hand her a check and say “Ok, go interview and stuff, bye!”???

    I don’t blame the woman, I blame the idiots trying to help her. Someone from a poor background isn’t going to know how best to deal with a sudden load of cash, someone should’ve stepped in and walked her through the process.

    • amy

      “You basically give somebody a lottery jackpot who comes from a lower-class background and actually expect them to manage that money wisely??” YES. Yes I do expect that someone who had no money and went without necessities for a time could understand that money is precious and it should be used wisely, on necessities. My mother and father are “lower class”, born literally dirt floor poor and they are not anything like this entitled, fly brained, shameless beast of women. They have money and modest assets now, but live in an old house with a kitchen from the 70’s, mowing their own lawn at 62, you know, living thrifty. They could remodel or hire a lawn kid, but they remember being poor, and so they save. This women, she is just stupid.

      • Mike

        You mean this womAn. ;)

        I’m not sure someone coming from poverty would think to themselves something like, “Oh my, I suddenly have over $100K in the bank! Well, first I shall contact a financial advisor to maximize the usage of this windfall, then I shall use a tiny portion of this money to pay my most urgent bills and in the meantime interview for the jobs that helpful people have arranged for me.”

        No, I think the more likely scenario is that momma will want to please her baby daddy and in the process enjoy herself with all the bling bling she can get. I find it hard to blame her because she probably doesn’t even know how to be wise about money, and her baby daddy probably encouraged her in that direction to boot.

    • Brittany

      Mike it’s called being a parent first, your kids are your first priority I am a single mother though I have a job still looking for another job to better support me and my child, it’s clear what this is when she decides to leave her kids in the car which and and her in tears and people felt bad and she decided to blow her money on her self and child’s father my point to you Mike is that only a selfish person would do what she did don’t blame all people who are living in poverty of poor management of money which you have all people from walks of life have the problem by the way but anyways no real mother would do what she did had the money and job offers line up for her not interview job offers,its about being responsible and being a mom regardless of what you don’t or do have so stop discriminating.god bless

  • Anonymous

    Why on earth would people donate money to someone who left her two sons in her hot car for about 45 minutes. Not only that, but activists fighting to help her? This seems absurd when there are good people out there that genuinely need help and no-one even bats an eye.

  • Frank Zaber

    Bill – did you really just say that it’s not 100% her fault? People gave $114,000 to help her take care of her kids, and she blew it on design clothes and studio time? She needs to learn a lesson, and she needs to be sorry for the other people who won’t get help because of the people she ripped off.

  • morkymork

    I knew it would end up like this anyways. I actually don’t even think she was going to a job interview in the first place when she was initially arrested. A friend that works there just covered for her when she told the police that’s what she was doing & police called them to confirm.

  • Seanp

    I guarantee you most of that went to the Dad. These women can’t get enough of loser men. It’s like a drug to them. If some nice looking, educated, hard working man came into their lives they would leave skid marks they would run so fast. Get some thug loser who bails at the first sign of responsibility and they will be in love forever. He played her good at least twice now. 6k in studio time??? How embarrassing. What does she have to show for 114k? Some clothes? Abe Lincoln said it best….you can’t strengthen the weak by weakening the strong. We must just accept that some people in this world can’t or don’t want to be helped or saved.

  • Seanp

    You shouldn’t expect people to run do what you wish every time you are offended. It’s a part of life. Get used to it.

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  • Pissed

    Yup File charges to get your money back. She does not have any consideration for those kids. They should be award of the court. YUP FOSTER CARE. She should be sent to jail and required to pay all of the money back.

  • Hannelore

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  • Paying Customer

    Let’s see she bought a bmw (used I’m hoping), designer clothing & accessories, between $7k & $9k for one of her boyfriends or babies daddy in a recording studio and doesn’t have to pay back any of the money?!? Where the fu*k do I sign up?

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