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Kenosha police investigate homicide of infant, suspect described as a “monster”

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KENOSHA (WITI) —Kenosha police are investigating the homicide of 11-month-old Serenity Rose. It's a crime Kenosha's police chief says is the "most violent child death" he's ever seen in his years of law enforcement. He said the child was brutally beaten -- killed by her own father, 34-year-old Russell Rose.

Serenity Rose

Serenity Rose

"The words I would use to describe this person are not fit for the media. So I'm calling him a monster," said Police Chief John Morrissey.

Morrissey said officers were first dispatched to the neighborhood near 50th Street and 21st Avenue in Kenosha where this alleged crime unfolded around 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, November 18th.

"A citizen witness heard a baby crying, heard what he described as two thumps, the baby was not crying, observed the suspect holding something above his head and drop what he was holding. Turns out, that was Serenity. And that's when the citizen tackled him," said Morrissey.

Chief Morrissey said the citizen was able to lead the 27-year-old mother, who was bruised and had cuts to her face, to a home just a few doors down. That's where an officer found her and 11-month-old Serenity. Morrissey said the child was "lifeless, badly bruised, bloody" and her face was partially disfigured. The mother and child were taken to Kenosha Hospital and Medical Center. The mother was treated for her injuries and Serenity was pronounced dead -- having suffered multiple blunt force injuries.

"For a child to be killed in such a violent nature is unthinkable. I've never dealt with anything like this in 15 years. It's horrible," Morrissey said.

Russell Rose

Russell Rose

Meanwhile, police received a 911 call from the suspect. He indicated he had a quarter stick of dynamite and he was by a water heater. He threatened to blow it all up if anyone would come near him. A short time later, officers observed the suspect setting fire to curtains in the apartment. Eventually, smoke and flames were showing from the building -- and other tenants were being evacuated.

The suspect then exited the apartment and surrendered without incident.

Chief Morrissey said Russell Rose has an extensive criminal record. In 2000, he was found guilty of resisting and escaping officers. According to a criminal complaint, he punched an officer in the cheek -- grabbing his pistol. The Kenosha Police Department is seeking homicide and arson charges in this case.

On Wednesday night, people stopped by the crime scene where a small memorial has been set up in Serenity's honor.

"I'm going to ask all parents please tell your kids that you love them," Morrissey said.


  • guest88

    How can someone do this to a baby?? WHY??? If only he could get what he truly deserves. There is no punishment he could receive (in Wis. anyway) that would be large enough to fit this crime.

  • Taxpayer

    This story makes me sick this poor kid my heart goes out to them. I think it’s time for the state to determine who can reproduce.

    • JA

      My Mother says that Satan is walking the Earth, when I read of so many parents & adults murdering & raping babies, I believe she is correct. This is as evil as it gets, the murder of innocents. May God have mercy on us.

  • joanie lemkuil

    as so many of us are we are strruggling to leep or lives thanks to cancer. bit yet this useless human being is out and about. give him the needle

    • David

      The castration part would just cost the taxpayers money. Skip straight to part 2. No plea deals. No appeals. No last meal.

      • :(

        But it’s the best use of my tax dollars I’ve heard of in years.

        Or maybe we can start a fund by donating $1 with our tax return.

  • Fancy

    The only fit punishment for him is death. Killing your child for your own selfish reasons. Serenity Rose you’re safe in gods arms now. Peace and blessings to her mother and family.

  • Melissa

    Makes me absolutely sick seeing this POS monster still breathing. Just like that fat slob of a pig woman who jammed Q-tips in her sons ears because she was mad at his father. Animals like this should simply be shot. Do burden to society and no threat to anyone else anymore.

  • Donna

    This horrific act is heavy on my ❤ n I could not imagine the pain that innocent baby endured.The inhumane person that. did that was the enemy n she is now at peace in God’s Arms.I can’t imagine what was going on inside his evil head.My prayers go out to all the people that were on the scene n be at peace for catching this evil person.R.I.P.Precious Angel

  • heartbroken

    This has brought the most tears out of me for this innocent child! She was too beautiful for any of this! If I could truly trade places with her I would with no hestation! To even try and imagine the pain she had is heart stopping! That a**hole needs to die and I pray he gets the worst of pain in prison and the person that gives it to him will be a saint in my eyes!

    No more pain no more tears baby girl! No one not even him can harm you now! Rest peacefully and play your heart out with god!


    He looks like he obtained his education in jail. He will be treated humane in our justice system.
    Of course when he is found guilty he should be hung immediately without appeal or mercy at the next town hall meeting. We should start building gallows out side prison play yards and change the laws so even if you steal a vehicle its a hanging offense. In this fellas case he should be bungee jumped off a tall building with a longer cord as to hit the ground such that he would bounce a few times after impact. scum.

  • Shelly Miskewicz Braun

    He should have been killed by police in 2000 when he punched an officer and grabbed his pistol… but, that probably would have caused rioting and a visit from Al Sharpton… sick pos. I hope he gets his in prison.

  • stan

    There should be a hunger games for inmates, put them on a deserted island and let them kill each other or be killed.

    Sorry to the mom and family whom lost her little girl I’m praying for your family. Rest in peace to another child fallen victim to scum.

  • :(

    These stories are getting worse and worse. I’m starting to think as horrible as the details are, God is taking these babies back.

    No one deserves this kind of father.

  • Bridget Laack

    I’m not judging because I don’t know (it’s hard to tell) how injured or even where the mother was during this, but if that was my baby, I’d be dead too. You will kill me before I let you drop my baby from over your head.

    • Disgusted

      I’m glad I wasn’t the only one thinking this… Ladies, stop having babies by terrifying criminals. You can’t change them. They don’t love you. They will ruin your life. RIP Serenity.

    • Dan

      Cause women have to be with the bad boy don’t you know.They can’t be bothered by nice guys with jobs and no criminal records. Thats too boreing.Women you need to grow up

  • why

    Women get involved with guys like these back the really bad parts come out too late. After you are married or with child. And you can’t simply flee.. why? Because the family courts will want to be ‘fair’ to the ‘father’.. and give sick monsters like these visitations no matter the pleading a month can do. Judges need to be held accountable. Education needs to be given on how to spot and avoid phychopaths/sociopaths and Narcissistic personality disorders. These people will slide into your life and destroy everything. While on the outside appearing almost normal. Beware. You could be next.

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