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White House spokesman: Obama’s immigration plan ‘legally unassailable’

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President Barack Obama

WASHINGTON (CNN) — As Republicans raise the idea of a court challenge against President Barack Obama’s immigration action, White House spokesman Josh Earnest argued Friday that the President’s executive orders stand on solid legal ground.

“What the president announced last night is legally unassailable,” he told CNN’s Chris Cuomo on “New Day.”

Obama announced his plans Thursday night to legally permit up to 5 million undocumented immigrants to stay in the United States temporarily, bypassing Congress after lawmakers failed to pass comprehensive reform.

Earnest reiterated a point the White House has fervently tried to make in recent days, that previous presidents have used executive authority on the issue of immigration.

But critics argue that Obama’s action amounts to overreach, saying his latest decision goes beyond what former presidents have done.

Republican lawmakers vowed to aggressively pursue pushback against the new orders, with some proposing efforts to defund Obama’s plan through spending legislation, while others called for lawsuits.

Earnest, however, said that if the Republican-led House of Representatives would approve the Senate’s reform bill that was passed last year with bipartisan support, then “the president would sign it right away.”

“He’d tear up his own executive actions,” Earnest continued, before recapping a line Obama made in his speech Thursday night.

“The truth is the closest thing we have to amnesty right now is doing nothing and that’s exactly what House Republicans are doing,” he said.

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  • dianne

    Emperor. .he is a dictator. ..he is a huge disappointment..he could have left a great legacy…he could have done good…right things…he believes..he is “King of the Hill”…we now have an increasingly defunct health care system..unaffordable…poor..coverages…illegal legal…not really in three years..or less..nothing will be different…but now we will know who and where they are…hmmmm.the country is more divided then ever….and obummer..has widened the gap via his directorial..rule. .the gap between rich and poor…more poor people now…more homeless more mentally ill on the streets with no where to go this is the democrats fault…their poor policy..amd wastfullness….hard to hold out hope…ole’hillary wont be any better…she lets our enemies..murder our ambassadors and claims “what does it matter” I sorta liked her up until that shocking horrendous..comment..

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