Deadbeat dad who “died” to get out of paying child support now claims he’s permanently disabled

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Remember the deadbeat dad who "died" to get out of paying his child support? His story was so unbelievable even superstars like Tyrese and P. Diddy called him out for it.

His real name is John McCroy. His rap name is Jakitdown.

He's usScreenshot_2014-11-18-16-54-11ing his 15 minutes of fame to make a name for himself and to try to make some cash. But if he is making money, prosecutors say it's still not going to his kids.


Jakitdown on Facebook

When FOX6 first asked McCroy why he doesn't pay child support, he said, "I was ineligible to pay it. I was in a hospital and died in a car accident."

Since that first interview, Jakitdown -- back from the dead -- has taken his self-promotion to the internet.

He's become a meme on social media, and has gained thousands of followers on Instagram.

He's been trying to keep the spotlight on himself for as long as possible. Most of the songs on his latest "mixtape" (entitled Dead or Alive) are about being on the news, with lyrics like "I like the way you dis` me on Facebook and my Instagram. I died!"

One of the songs laments, "What would you do if your baby momma put you on the news?"

Jakitdown is facing five charges of felony failure to pay child support. Prosecutors say he's supposed to pay $100 a month to help take care of his five-year-old d00-coveraughter.

It's not a crime if you can't pay child support. It's a crime when you can afford to pay and you don't pay on purpose -- for at least four months.

In Jakitdown's case, his little girl was born on New Year's Eve 2008. In April of 2009, a court ordered him to pay $100 a month in support. He never did.

Then in November of 2009, he was in a car accident. That's supposedly when he died.

Soon after, in August 2010, he was trying to buy a car. In order to get a car loan, he had to be current on his child support, so he made his first and only payment of $100.

It's been four years. Prosecutors say he hasn't paid a dime since.

john mccroy facebook 1

Jakitdown showing wads of cash on Facebook.

Since July, when he told FOX6 he died in a car accident, Jakitdown has been all over social media showing off a new car, diamond sunglasses, rocking a mink coat, and checking out the latest trends in diamond jewelry.

Canience Haynes, the mother of his daughter, says she isn't impressed.

"I feel like if he could be out here being flashy that he can take care of our child," Haynes said.

When he's not rapping about his wealth, he's throwing himself birthday parties and trying to convince people he really did die.

"Stacks and stacks of money, all this jewelry, the cars. It was just, like, wow, really?"

"I really think that it is not that they are too stupid to realize that this is evidence. I think they think nobody cares," says Maureen Atwell, the child support prosecutor for the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office.

McCroy's now trying to get out of paying child support altogether.

With the help of his lawyer -- whom he's paying because he doesn't qualify for a public defender -- he recently petitioned the court, arguing he shouldn't have to pay $100 a month. Instead, he wants to pay nothing. While the family court file is not available to the public for review, Haynes says McCroy's petition claims he has been permanently disabled since his car accident.

FOX6's Meghan Dwyer to McCroy: "You're here in court, you're alive today, and you still haven't paid your child support. Even if you were in a bad car accident, it's been more than five years. Anything you want to say to your kids, or their mothers who are raising them alone?"

headed to court

When FOX6 News first asked McCroy how he got all this money, he said he made it by selling mixtapes. That's confusing, though, because his mixtape is available online to download for free.

McCroy is fighting the felony charges against him. He'll go to trial in February. He plans to argue he's been disabled since his 2009 car accident. If he loses, he faces a maximum of seven-and-a-half years in prison.

McCroy has three children by three different mothers.  Two of the mothers say he doesn't pay child support, but only one of them has pursued legal action.

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  • mzkay

    He is nothin more than a ignorant fool….who will never b a real rapper….my flow is way better than his….n I cant rap!!!!

  • Frank

    They should take his cars, jewelry and anything else of value that he has and sell it at auction and split the money for all 3 of his kids. This guy is a joke. Pay your child support like the rest of us. You helped make the kids better get with the program and be a true father.

    • Laura

      Even if he does start paying child support, he will never be a “true father”. True fathers actually raise their child and are there for them physically and emotionally always.

      • Joan

        I agree Stacy, it’s men like this that are what’s wrong with society. You can’t just get a woman pregnant, and then because you didn’t protect yourself decide to run away from your responsibilities. There’s child support for a reason. Designed to protect the poor children involved. It just goes to show that you can’t even fake your own death to get out of this, eh Jon?

  • babymomma

    fox 6 needs to go after Dontrae Henning/ Trae day deadbeat a** too. He has 7 kids and only takes care the kids he lives with and was order to pay $120 a month for my kid and hasnt paid a dime.

    • ronniebobbierickymikeralph&johnnie

      you had a baby with a man named dontrae and expected what? start taking responsibility for yourself instead of expecting the world to support you..stop having babies you can’t afford! just assume the guy is going to split after and you’ll be fine

    • MeMe

      Woman to Woman, if you afford to take care of a child by yourself. Then they shouldn’t be here. And what number is your child?

    • Dee

      babymomma don’t be a babymomma be a mother …babymomma’s wait for things. mother’s go get it on there own

  • Warrior

    If the moms were collecting welfare the state would be going after him to recoup the money they are paying to the mom. Your post is the epitome of ignorance and stupidity. You are the nappy DBag. Hope you don’t have any kids, you’d make a horrible parent.

  • FedUp

    Here is another example of a loser that gets away without paying his child support. I pay $1100 a month for my one child. The courts and child support are so messed up in this state that this guy gets away with not paying but the court does not help us good dads that want to be part of our child’s life and makes it so the mother can lie and manipulate the courts and keep dad’s from seeing their children. You ask Contact6 or even the news to tackle this issue and they give you BS that they don’t take on things like this. Hey, guess what it is a real problem and it needs to be exposed and looked into the states system. The media needs to take on REAL issues like this.

  • ronniebobbierickymikeralph&johnnie

    very responsible of you to have unprotected sx with a guy that has a flock of children he already doesn’t take care of #disgusted

  • caley

    he’s probably claiming a mental disability. but Having you head up your isn’t a medical condition, it’s a personal problem. Knock out all his teeth and melt them down, Dude it’s 100 a month. I know people making their 800 a month payment making 15 bucks an hour. Hope you die, slow and painfully.

  • caley

    on the devils advocate side, did you expect anything less. When you sleep with snakes your bound to get bit. Kind of like going to a store buying a lemon, going home biting into the lemon and getting pissed because it’s sour. I am positive this guy wasn’t an upstanding citizen before you went horizontal with him.

  • georgiegirl10

    $100 a month?….How ridiculous is that? Hopefully, she’ll get back pay and then take him back to court to have it increased. Men (sometimes women) who don’t pay child support usually are doing so to get back at the mother, when the person they’re hurting the most is the child.

  • Qohen

    Lets see, flashing a lavish lifestyle that he can’t explain how he obtained (can’t sell a free mixtape). Why doesn’t the local DEA look at this guy? Clearly he’s dealing narcotics.

  • Ben

    This gets on my nerves so bad. I pay 111 a month in support to my kids mom and I have my kid all the time. She only goes to her mom on three weekends a month. Yet this guy doesn’t even provide non-monetary support and still gets away with it. Ridiculous. The child support system is an immense problem. The purpose of child support is great, but the way it is implemented is beyond a joke. Courts could care less who is actually taking care of their kid. I understand my situation is unique and not many dads take their kid most of the time, but I was disgusted that it was just understood that even though I’m doing everything I’d still have to pay child support. This guy needs to pay up, shut up and still spend some time behind bars.

  • Crissy

    We have to stop having kids with these kind of guys. You can date them but make sure you are on reliable birth control and insist on a condom. I am sorry for you and you are allowed one mistake. This is the reality of such situation. Our baby fathers should be husbands ideally or at least a gainfully employed male lacking the “thug” mentality.

  • Carrie pack

    You should want to help your children if at all possible you should not need to be ordered to do it by the courts I think if someone just doesn’t want to pay then thier parental rights should be terminated and they should seriously think about getting fixed so they don’t make other helpless kids suffer

  • NoLiesNoTruth

    Like meat to a horde of wolves. The man died, and you call him deadbeat. I think people who have never experienced near death forget the weight of “death”. If you come back you are not the same person, this doesn’t excuse him from paying child support but it does point out a flaw in our legal system. You may call him ignorant, stupid, or a deadbeat but he has technically become “undead” for lack of a better way to put it. The man who died was the deadbeat father of a child but the man before you now is a dead man.

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