“It don’t seem right:” Dontre Hamilton’s family unhappy with grand jury verdict out of Ferguson

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Some in Milwaukee see similarities between the Michael Brown case out of Ferguson, Missouri and the officer-involved shooting of Dontre Hamilton. FOX6's Jenna Sachs watched the grand jury announcement out of Ferguson with Dontre Hamilton's family on Monday night, November 24th. It was announced that officer Darren Wilson will not be indicted in Michael Brown's death. It was a decision that upset Dontre Hamilton's mother so much, she had to leave the room. Meanwhile, the decision had Dontre Hamilton's brother saying the system is broken.

31-year-old Dontre Hamilton was shot and killed in Red Arrow Park in April by Milwaukee police officer Christopher Manney. Manney has been terminated from MPD as a result of his handling of Dontre Hamilton. Manney is appealing that termination.

Dontre Hamilton's family members and other supporters are awaiting a decision out of the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office as to whether Manney should be criminally charged.

Protesters held a demonstration in Red Arrow Park on Monday, November 24th, after learning the grand jury decision was coming in Ferguson.

"My heart goes out to Michael`s mom and family members. I feel what she's going through and I would like to tell her to keep her head up," Dontre Hamilton's mother, Maria Hamilton said.

This group has been demonstrating since Dontre Hamilton was shot -- sometimes blocking traffic in downtown Milwaukee.

Dontre Hamilton was affected by mental illness, and police say he grabbed Christopher Manney's baton prior to the shooting.

"They figured that we would probably go away -- and we`re not going away," Maria Hamilton said.

As snow fell in Milwaukee on Monday, police asked that protesters not shut down traffic as they've done in the past. Instead, they hung signs on the Christmas tree inside Red Arrow Park. The signs included messages such as "Justice for Dontre Hamilton" and "What if he was your brother."

Later Monday, the Hamilton family watched the announcement out of Ferguson -- a grand jury decision they aren't happy with.

"It don't seem right. It's just hurting me right now. Words can't even explain my anger. Right now, we have no faith in the prosecution," Hamilton's brother Nate said.

The Hamilton family's attorney says while the Ferguson decision came after three-and-a-half months, and the decision on whether Christopher Manney will be charged still hasn't come -- nearly seven months after the shooting.

"We've been waiting four months longer than they have," Nate Hamilton said.

"This is weighing really heavily on the family. They`re concerned as to whether they`re going to get any accountability and justice," attorney Jonathan Safran said.

Safran says he doesn't feel the decision out of Ferguson will have any impact on the possibility of charges being filed against Manney -- saying these are two separate cases, despite some similarities.



    What does this have to do with the justifiable killing of a felon in MO. Are they going to protest again.. don’t they have anything else to do. Let’s see how much we can squeeze the white folks fo some money.

  • Jasc

    What if he was my brother?? Well for one, I wouldn’t have left him out on the streets. Funny how nobody cared about Mr. Hamilton until he died and they all saw their chance to grab their 15 minutes of fame. Where was his family when he was homeless and struggling in the streets?

  • Mike Johnson

    its ok hamilton family a similar ruling will soon come to milwaukee just wait your turn. maybe if you fools had jobs you would have something better to do than protest in the street, but if you do decide to block my path while im in my vehicle be prepared for consequences because i unlike you people have better things to do than block traffic thinking im getting “justice”

  • Gary

    Thank god the jury made the right decision. Just because you’re black doesn’t mean you have the right to assault people with out facing consequences.

  • citizens making sense

    Looks like the old folks have nothing better to do than post racist comments anonymously online and bring our state into the gutter. At least they’ll all be too old to see their voting cards soon. And let’s be real here, none of you have any money to begin with, so lay off the cat food for a week and take a nap.

    • 2ECOND

      so because people are telling it like it is, its racist?? didn’t realize you knew what everyone’s income was on here, cat food? really? says the one drinking the Kool-Aid. you must be relation to the loser Hamilton family.

  • yeaaa

    If these people just looked at simple facts and realized that some cops have to make deadly decisions, there wouldn’t be up roars. Instead, they run around screaming, chanting, setting things on fire, that proves nothing more than they are uneducated, worthless, and liVing up to there stereotypical selves. Disgusted and angry that this case even became world news. Move forward and stop breaking the law!


    MLK is rollling over as well as all the real civil rights folks. What are Dontre and Brown the new symbol of the new civil rights movement? if thats the case these black folk are pathetic.. It’s a liberal left problem and the sharpton’s and jesse’s are to blame. Now they can’t complain there aren’t any jobs in Ferguson. Futhermore I must state that the people rioting don’t care if their was a grand jury or not..their out to get some goodies…that’s how the hood works. Whilst real americans get up every day and work themselves to the bone so the low lifes can have entitlements on top of that….Liberal left again to blame….

  • wtf

    I agree was the rioters excuse to get things for free, ruin a city, bankrupt hardworking business owners..they are pathetic excuses for human flesh…and children were seen along adults looting even at the liquor store..who what great parents those are

  • Melissa

    Just want the Hamilton family to know that while they are protesting to a city who does not care, our families are out Christmas shopping, planning Thanksgiving, and looking forward to a very Merry Christmas with lots of presents and very loving families. Yes, 99.9999% of us ARE and WILL ignore you.

  • Me

    First of all, if you’re going to be quoted, use some proper English!! Second of all, doesn’t everyone remember when white people rioted when the OJ Simpson verdict came back? Yeah, me neither.

  • Mizzle

    “They`re concerned as to whether they`re going to get any accountability and justice.” Really? But they left their son/brother/nephew/5th cousin twice removed out on the streets to sleep on a park bench. No accountability there. Also, Dontre ATTACKED a police officer and tried to use the officer’s weapon against him. No accountability there either. It’s an unfortunate situation but there was no wrongdoing. Officer Manney will get reinstated. He will not face any criminal charges. The Hamilton family will go back to their usual lives without Dontre. He obviously wasn’t part of their lives before the shooting.

    • Petey

      Mizzle, you hit it right on the head. There is NO ACCOUNTABILITY in the black community and hardly any in society at all anymore and that’s why society spirals downward.

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