Poll: Most Americans believe ISIS serious threat

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ISIS official twitter account photos showing their fighter clashing with Iraq government fighters near Haditha, Anbar province

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Most Americans now believe ISIS poses at least a somewhat serious threat to the United States and Americans are growing slightly more hawkish on the U.S. strategy to combat the militant group, according to a CNN/ORC poll released Monday.

The news comes on the heels of Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel’s sudden announcement that he’ll resign, which some have suggested could be tied to disagreements over the U.S. strategy in combating the militant Islamist group in Iraq and Syria.

About half of the public believes ISIS poses a very serious threat to the U.S. and a majority, about 6 in 10, are confident the U.S. will “degrade and destroy” ISIS forces, the mission President Barack Obama outlined in the fight against the organization that now controls broad swaths of land in Syria and Iraq.

Only 10% of those surveyed said the ISIS threat is not serious.

And Americans are also warming to the idea of sending U.S. ground troops to accomplish that mission in Iraq or Syria — with 43% now in favor, up from 38% in September. Still, 55% of Americans oppose sending combat troops into action in either country to fight ISIS.

Of the 1,045 Americans surveyed, an overwhelming 78% support air strikes against ISIS, a five point increase from September.

President Barack Obama got mixed marks from the public on his handling of foreign affairs and terrorism, with most disapproving of his job on the world stage.

About 54 percent disapprove of Obama’s handling of foreign affairs and Americans split 50% to 47% on his handling of terrorism, with more disapproving.

The poll was conducted Nov. 21-23.