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Family working to honor five-year-old boy’s wish after Brown Recluse Spider bite takes his life

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(CNN) -- A little boy lost his life after he was bitten by a Brown Recluse Spider. This holiday season, his family is honoring the little boy's wish, while helping to make the holidays a little brighter for other young children.

Five-year-old Branson Carlisle of Alabama had a plan his parents are proud of. Their little boy is gone far too soon, but they are honoring his life in a big way.

"He wanted all the kids in Africa to have toys. I mean, he was going to give his own toys," Jessica Carlisle says of her late son.

Jessica Carlisle says Branson would go through the house, collecting his own toys to give to kids in need.

Last Sunday, November 23rd, as the family was gearing up to head off to church, they noticed something was wrong with Branson.

"He asked me to scratch his back. He said something had bit him," Jessica Carlisle remembers.

Branson had been bitten by a Brown Recluse Spider.

"When I went to pick up his shirt, the spider was laying beside his shirt," Jessica Carlisle said.

Branson's family took him to a care center, but the bite got worse.

Branson was taken to the hospital, and Jessica Carlisle says through it all, Branson was his normal self.

After awhile though, Branson shut his eyes and his heart stopped.

"The only time they got his heartbeat back was the seventeenth time they shocked him, and they had his heart beating for four seconds, and I had enough time to tell him I loved him," Jessica Carlisle said.

Jessica Carlisle says the family is now working to carry out the little boy's wish -- donating Christmas presents to children who otherwise wouldn't get any.

"I feel very blessed to have had him, and I'm not going to question it because it was meant to be," Jessica Carlisle said.

Branson's family says he was a normal, healthy boy, and they had pest control come once a month.

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  • john doe

    Sad story danger about living down south…u have those and black widows..boy was too young to have his ammune system fight it

    • T.G.

      Absolutely incorrect – a 5 year old has a well established immune system, in some ways superior to that of normal adults. The circumstances here are strange, and the article has little information to help shed light on the cause of death, but such a quick reaction to a bite suggests an allergic reaction of some kind. Brown recluse bites tend to cause problems local to the bite and over long periods of time (weeks) as tissue around the bite becomes necrotic.

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