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Man pinned in truck after rollover crash in Ozaukee County; alcohol believed to be a factor

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SAUKVILLE (WITI) — The Ozaukee County Sheriff’s Office says a 20-year-old man had to be cut out of his truck after a rollover crash near County Road Y and Singing Hill Road in Saukville early on Sunday, November 30th.

A passerby saw the vehicle rolled over and called authorities shortly before 6:00 a.m.. The driver was pinned inside the vehicle. Once he was freed, he was taken to Froedtert Hospital.

There is no word on the extent of his injuries at this time.

Officials believe alcohol was a factor in the crash.


  • Don Taft

    I was second on the scene this morning. On my way to my hunting spot on St. Finbar Rd., I came upon the accident sometime after 5:00 AM. The first man there appeared to have arrived just a couple of minutes before me. The radio on the overturned truck was blaring away. The engine meraculusly was stopped and the lights of the truck were still on. The first gentlemen called 911 and I grabbed my battery lantern and began looking for possible fuel leaks. As soon as I was certain there were no leaks the two of us went to the drivers aid. At first we thought he was dead. He responded to my calls by moving his head slightly and we knew there was a chance to help him. While the other gentlemen talked to the 911 operator, I began talking to the driver of the truck. I told him to keep talking to me and to not close his eyes that help was on its way. It was not long before two other men arrived, both were firemen. One initially took the drivers hand and told him he was going to be all right. I asked the boy his name, he responded Leo Lechter. I kept talking to him and tried to think what his mother would do to comfort him. So, I kept rubbing his hand telling him help was on the way. The two firemen, cleared debris and made sure the vehicle was not going to tip back over causing further injury to Leo. One of the firemen asked if he could feel his legs, he responded no. The boy seemed to drift in and out of consciousness, and on two different occasions, I yelled at him to keep talking to me. He kept saying, “please help me”, and I said help is on the way. He pleaded not to let him die, and I said to hang in there and keep fighting that he would be helped soon. He really fought hard to stay conscious, and was as responsive as anyone could expect. After what seemed like an eternity, the rescue team arrived, I let go of Leo’s hand and told him he was going to be ok! He was really pinned in there in a bad way. The only way to reach him was between the roof and the window frame that had been opened like a sardine can. Once the rescue team arrived, we all went about our business. As I walked back to my truck, I began to tremble and had to catch my breath. I’m a father of three with a 16 year old son and just kept thinking, he is only a boy and asked God to save his life, and restore feeling to his legs. God bless.

      • Don Taft

        It was not just me, there were three other men that helped. He fought hard to survive. I hope he will be ok! I would hope someone would do the same for my child. God Bless.

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