VIDEO: Driver rescued after losing control of her car, plunging into river

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(CNN) — A driver was rescued this week in east China’s Xiangshan County after she lost control of her car and plunged right into a river.

The surveillance camera captured the hair-raising moment when the car suddenly swerved leftward, knocked down a lamp pole and dived right into the roadside river.

Seeing the accident, witnesses came to rescue right away.

“I dashed back to my car and took the window breaker. The car had been in the waters for more than 10 minutes, and water rushed in. Several of us bent over (the wall of the river) and pulled her up,” said Shao, a witness.

“We had no other choice since she couldn’t climb up herself. So I took off my clothes and pulled her up,” said a city cleaner, who used his jacket as a rope to pull the female driver out of the river.

It took the volunteer rescuers some 20 minutes to get the woman out of the river. The vehicle was later salvaged.

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