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Family of U.S. hostage slain by al Qaeda: He would have wanted more dialogue

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Luke Somers

(CNN) — The family of American photojournalist Luke Somers, who was held hostage and then killed by al Qaeda’s affiliate in Yemen, did not know of U.S. efforts to rescue him until the terrorist group released a video of him pleading for his life last week, family members told CNN on Monday.

Somers and South African Pierre Korkie, a teacher, were fatally shot amid a failed U.S. military raid to rescue them Friday.

The family was not asked to sign off on the U.S. effort to free Somers, his stepmother Penny Bearman and sister Lucy Somers said.

Some family members condemned the rescue bid as endangering life, though the general feeling is that more should have been done sooner, they said.

“We feel that Luke’s stance would have been that more discussion should have taken place between the countries concerned and that these crises should be solved with more dialogue and less conflict,” Bearman and Somers said.

The hostage takers did not communicate directly with Somers’ family, so if there were any specific demands, they were given to the U.S. government in private, the two women said.

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  • MHemp

    I already saw this coming….you can’t win from losing with some people. If he had been executed before a rescue attempt or had his head chopped off, they would have condemned the decision to wait so long and the President’s indecisiveness. Instead, they decide to attempt a rescue, it doesn’t turn out well, and sadly these gentlemen are killed. Now they decided that the rescue attempt was the wrong decision and they are probably going to sue someone. Direct your anger towards the real problem, the animals that commit these atrocious crimes every single day, with no remorse nor regards for human beings.

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