WATCH: Buying a home can be a real roller-coaster ride — quite literally, if you’re in the Netherlands!

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ERMELO, Netherlands (WITI) — Buying a new home can be a real roller-coaster ride!

At one home in the Netherlands, prospective buyers are literally riding a roller-coaster to view the property!

The ride at the home in Ermelo Netherlands begins in the driveway where would-be buyers get into a wooden cart. They’re then whisked off down a track into the below-ground garage.

The roller-coaster takes folks through each room — even cranking upstairs for a final big drop out the back of the house and back to where they began.

It’s all part of one real estate firm’s marketing efforts to show the Dutch public it will do pretty much anything to ensure their house is seen and sold.


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  • Erryanna

    I thought only scaredy-cat children screamed. Gee, this is a baby roller coaster and the adults, including a MAN, screamed. I’d hate to be in a burning elevator with these scaredy cats. They probably freak when a tiny bee flies into the room.

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