“We’re just tired of waiting:” Dontre Hamilton supporters take message to D.A. Chisholm’s front door

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BAY VIEW (WITI) -- The cries for justice continue for Dontre Hamilton. He was shot 14 times at Red Arrow Park by former Milwaukee police officer Christopher Manney. On Monday, December 8th, Hamilton supporters gathered -- taking their message to the Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm's front door.

About two dozen demonstrators went door-to-door in Chisholm's Bay View neighborhood, handing out fact sheets about the Dontre Hamilton case. But they were clearly targeting one person in their demonstration Monday night.

"He has failed to charge Christopher Manney. We feel that failure, or that silence is justice denied," Curtis Sails said.

"We're just tired of waiting," Hamilton's brother, Nate Hamilton said.

In an effort to get answers, a bus load of protesters unloaded in Chisholm's Bay View neighborhood -- walking up the street to his home. A row of Milwaukee police officers stood in front of Chisholm's home as protesters demonstrated.

Manney has been fired for his handling of Dontre Hamilton last April -- a termination he is appealing. Dontre Hamilton supporters say they want to see criminal charges filed against Manney.

"It was excessive force.  It was deadly force.  It was unwarranted because Dontre Hamilton was exercising his rights to be in Red Arrow Park," Sails said.

Symbolic of Hamilton's final moments at the park, protesters on Monday night got down onto the cold, wet pavement -- staging a "die in," as Dontre Hamilton's mother counted to 14 -- the number of shots Manney fired at Dontre Hamilton.

"It`s not to intimidate him or scare him.  It`s to provide him with a community that says we`ve had enough," Nate Hamilton said.

Demonstrators plan to gather again on Tuesday, December 9th in Red Arrow Park. That rally is set to begin at 4:00 p.m.

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  • UN

    Christian was removed for political appeasement. I have all the facts I have both sides of the story. I’m just waiting for Fox six to release an article on Chris’s side of the story so that the rest of the public can hear the other side of the story too

  • UN

    Nine separate investigations were performed by nine separate law-enforcement agencies and all nine of them came back deciding in Chris’s favor. Nine separate investigations

  • Sheila Moyet

    Showing up at someones home at night is pure intimidation. It gives the message “We know where you live”. Protest at his office if you want, not at his home where his family is. Just not right.

  • ron

    Just hood rat thugs protesting a dead thug. How about u all just take your ghetto a** back to the hood. F*cking hood rats.


    Scum of society. Nothing bottom feeders waiting for their pay.. I don’t care if they are black owhite.

  • Taxpayer

    Yeah and we the honest taxpayers are sick of you jobless losers crying like babies. You should of helped your sick brother when he needed it. Too bad he assaulted a cop and the cop defended himself. Go to the hood and protest then you won’t be holding up the working man.

  • Jimmy Dean

    All this protesting is doing is giving cops more overtime….which is paying for my vacation to Mexico!!!

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