“Biggest bear’s face I’ve ever seen!” Hunter able to slay attacking 525-pound bear with five-inch knife!

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(CNN) — Armed with a five-inch knife, a Minnesota man was able to fight off a 525-pound bear!

It was a warm fall day. Brandon Johnson was camping with friends.

Johnson, a hunter “since he could walk,” was helping his camp track a black bear that his friend had shot.

“We wanted to give it four hours before we went out and looked for it. It’s like your 30-point buck that you’d be chasing after,” Johnson said.

“It’s what everybody wants is a big bear,” Johnson’s friend said.

As it turned out, the 525-pound bear found Johnson.

“Biggest bear’s face I’ve ever seen! I’m going ‘this is a strange dream,’ and it’s opening its mouth and it’s going in slow motion. I’m trying to stop it from coming down on my face and then I realize it’s biting my face, and I realize ‘this is really happening!'” Johnson said.

Johnson’s left arm became the bear’s chew toy.

“One tooth just broke the bone right in half,” Johnson said.

In Johnson’s right hand was his only means of defending himself — a five-inch knife.

“It’s just going to town on my hand and I just keep stabbing it and stabbing it and stabbing away and I am screaming and yelling,” Johnson said.

It worked. The bear backed off, and soon walked away.

But Johnson’s ordeal wasn’t over.

The bear came back!

“Popping its mouth and growling and it was just tearing my arm left and right and I was stabbing. I could feel like, all the energy and adrenaline I had built up was leaving,” Johnson said.

Again, the bear left. Johnson screamed for help from his fiancee and friends scattered throughout the woods.

It wasn’t long before the bear returned.

“Once I got to the point where I thought I was going to die and I got myself to the point where I was ready to die, there was no more fear. I pushed myself off the ground and I shoved my hand down right inside of its mouth in its throat with my knife, as hard as I could,” Johnson said.

Finally, the bear left for good.

Johnson walked with his friends’ help to an ambulance.

The next day, the bear was found dead, 50 feet from the scene of the attack.

Johnson is now reflecting on his escape from certain death, and the fact that he was able to slay a bear with a knife.

“Just never give up when the situation doesn’t seem like it’s going to turn out,” Johnson said.

Johnson’s family is planning a benefit to help pay his medical bills.

CLICK HERE for more on this story via KARE11 in Minnestoa.

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  • Ryan

    He was tracking a wounded 525 pound bear without a gun! That has got to be one of the dumbest things I have ever heard of! He is lucky to be alive.

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