“We’re good to go:” Committee approves two TIF districts to help fund downtown streetcar project

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The controversial downtown streetcar proposal continues to generate debate. On Tuesday, December 9th, members of Milwaukee's Common Council got an update on the proposed project, and city leaders debated how it would be paid for.

The city's Zoning, Neighborhood and Development Committee on Tuesday voted to approve two TIF (tax incremental financing) districts to help fund the streetcar project.

"So basically we`re good to go. We need to get eight votes on the Council floor next week and we`ll be moving forward on building modern transit in Milwaukee for the first time in since 1958 when we abandoned streetcars. It's almost been one of my, you know, life missions was to see modern transportation come to the city of Milwaukee and we're pretty close. I mean, we're at 60 percent design," Milwaukee Alderman Robert Bauman said.

Those opposed to the streetcar project, though, aren't going down without a fight.

"Arguably this has become Milwaukee`s most controversial public works project in decades," Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan said.

Donovan has been one of the most vocal critics of the proposal. He says he'd like to put the issue to a referendum.

"I`m simply saying why not give everyone the opportunity to have a voice, because ultimately we will all be stuck paying for this," Alderman Donovan said.

The city's Public Works Committee will consider the streetcar project on Wednesday morning.

It will go before the full Common Council on Tuesday, December 16th.

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  • Captain Poopypants

    ATTENTION ALL Tax paying, law abiding citizens of Milwaukee: GET OUT NOW BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!!

  • JC

    There is so much wrong with this city but this trolley will fix it all. New taxes to haul few people in a loop I have no idea what the hell is wrong with Barrett and his love of trains. Put the money into education in the hood and maybe get some better use out of the money

    • Steve

      “…we`ll be moving forward on building modern transit in Milwaukee for the first time in since 1958 when we abandoned streetcars. ”

      Best quote ever. If we abandoned this technology in 1958 ,how could it possibly be “modern?”

    • JC

      Yes I have but obviously city of Milwaukee talking heads don’t know how to bring tourism into the city. A taxpayer trolley system sure doesn’t sound like a winner to me. Far away tourist; “Let’s go to Milwaukee and ride the trolley around downtown” Wife of far away tourist; “Ha ha get real, we’re going somewhere with a nightlife and things to do”

    • southsidemke

      Please explain to me how this will help Milwaukee tourism! Are you saying “People will flock to Milwaukee to ride a trolley car in a 2 mile loop?”

  • mbradleyc

    The streetcar, the arena and the Couture. It’s all going to happen! Excellent! I’m coming back to live in Milwaukee.

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