“In solidarity with our fallen brothers:” Medical College of Wisconsin students stage “die-in”

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Students at more than 50 medical schools across the country on Wednesday, December 10th hosted "die-ins" to protest the lack of indictments for police officers in the officer-involved deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and Eric Garner in New York -- and the Medical College of Wisconsin was one of the schools hosting a #BlackLivesMatter demonstration. The purpose of the demonstration was to spotlight racial bias as a public health issue.

"As medical students, we're not exempt to what's going on in today's society," "die-in" organizer Brittany Mays told FOX6 News.

Students at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee joined students throughout the country in what's known as a "white coat die-in" -- an effort to display their disapproval of the way police deal with certain situations involving people of color.

"My one friend mentioned to me, and she actually made a sign that said, 'why is my biggest fear the thought of having a African-American son in this country?'" Mays said.

Mays says the high-profile police killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner have motivated folks across the country.

"We are in solidarity number one, with our fallen brothers in this hard time of need," Mays said.

Wearing their white coats, more than four dozen medical students hosted their "die-in" in the front hall of their college's Heath Research Center, spending 20 minutes sprawled out and silent.

"We did 20 minutes because we wanted people to get the point of, like, just bodies laying in the street after the police brutality has occurred," Mays said.

A Medical College of Wisconsin spokesperson says the school supports the students' rights to stage the demonstration.

"It's great to see people really caring about this kinda thing because especially as a white student, you gotta go through life and you don't really think about race at all, and some people don't have that privilege. It's nice to have people come here and take 20 minutes out of their day and really kinda think about that kind of thing," Nick McCauley said.

While this show of support featured silence, Mays says she's hoping that it serves to encourage constructive conversations.


  • Scott Stalker

    I hope they have the opportunity to operate on you and cut a major vein!!! The police are not always right!! There are a million more Michael Vagninis’ across the country on the police force!!! Great job for being conscious medical students!!!!

  • MCW

    Again this doesn’t reflect the opinions of everyone at MCW, as there are 801 students, and almost just about as much faculty. Note there were 40 students approximately of the 801 present. As I will never participate in such an event put on today, I think it is important to consider what has been taking place across the country, but also to think about being in the shoes of a police officer. One major hypocritical thing that I see with this major uproar is how it takes a few black deaths by white cops (which I see not all being justified but also is hard to put someone in jail for because remember these people who died were doing criminal activities and not obeying police orders) but where the hell is the demand to protest black and black crime? How many countless children are killed by being innocent bystanders? How many black teenagers are killed due to gun violence? That’s the real reason you should be afraid to have a black son in America. Don’t put so much energy into the criminals, put energy into the black kids that deserve the same chances as any white kid in America. Black lives do matter and will be as ever important to the future of the US

  • ron

    So these idiots r protesting cops. What about black on black violence or co-sleeping deaths. I guess these black deaths r ok.

  • tim

    To really make a point they should have this die in on 29th and locust (that’s where the murder was last night). But they might become the victim of a shooting, robbery, battery, or rapped on that side of town.

  • Pat M.

    Glad we have moronic medical students who are advocating black crime and not studying and helping out sick people. LOOKS LIKE THEY HAVE THEIR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT!

  • Z

    Solidarity? So they support a P.O.S. thug who got what he had coming? Guess these med students aren’t so smart.

    Was their mantra “Black Lives Matter”?

    Since when do they matter? The blacks blow each other away on a daily basis in Chicago. Where is all the outrage and protests?

    Keep playing that race card, you pathetic victim culture. You are all on the wrong side of history and will be remembered as such.

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