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Caught on camera: Elderly man tased by police officer during traffic stop

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VICTORIA, Texas (CNN) — An elderly Texas man was tased by a police officer during a traffic stop — and the entire incident was caught on camera.

At 76 years old, Pete Vasquez stands just 5’5″ tall and weighs a slight 145 pounds. Now, he’s at the center of a police dashcam video that is causing outrage in Victoria, Texas.

The video shows Officer Nathanial Robinson arresting Vasquez. But in the process of doing so, he suddenly throws the elderly man onto the hood of the car, pulls him to the ground and tases him.

Vasquez says the officer acted more like a pit bull than an officer.

“I’m putting the handcuffs, put your hands on the back of your back, and I turn around and he pulled that taser and he shot me with it and you know it looked like he’s enjoying that you know,” said Vasquez.

Larry Urich watched the whole thing from just a few feet away. He says the officer was questioning Vasquez about an expired inspection sticker on the car he was driving. But he says when Vasquez tried to explain he was driving a dealer’s car that had dealer’s plates and he didn’t need an inspection sticker, the officer got angry.

“He grabbed Pete and tackled him, Pete didn’t fall down, he was tackled, his head missing the curb by about that far. And that’s when he tasered him,” said Urich.

Once down on the ground and already tased in the chest, Vasquez says the officer tased him a second time because he didn’t get up fast enough.

“He ordered me to getup and get up, so he could put the handcuffs on me and I couldn’t get up so he put his taser and he did it again,” said Vasquez.

The officer has been placed on administrative duty while the department investigates the incident.


  • Lone ranger

    Mr cop looks like he has a big fat head on his shoulder’s! I’ll bet he’s staining his underwater when the video got released. Mr cop better fill out employment app at the local garbage collection site where all the other thug cops get employed after their big heads get the best of them. Wish you nothing but the worsst of everything in the future to you and your family

  • sdram

    Officer a-hole should be charged with a crime. Somebody that can’t treat their fellow man with respect doesn’t deserve to wear the uniform.

  • Lone ranger

    I think that scrawny cop needs to work out his skinny stick arms so he can restrain a elderly old man instead of throwing him on the ground like a pus-sy and then tasing him. Just makes me furiously mad when I watch the video! it’s a good thing that old man wasn’t my father. I hope that cop pay’s the ultimate price for that assault he committed on duty. In fact that boy needs to be taught a lesson about respect to elders and one he’ll never forget!

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