Snapshot of a suspect? Police say this could be the person responsible for assault of girl

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- People on Milwaukee's near south side call him a predator. A man wanted by police for sexually assaulting a ten-year-old girl on Tuesday, December 16th has a history in the neighborhood -- and late Wednesday, December 17th, officials released a photo of the man they suspect is responsible for the crime. If you recognize the man in the photo below, you're strongly encouraged to call Milwaukee police at 414-935-7405.

Possible suspect in assault of 10-year-old girl

Possible suspect in assault of 10-year-old girl

Residents living near 15th Place and Orchard say that is the man who forced himself on a ten-year-old girl. The incident happened Tuesday morning, December 16th.

Witnesses say the little girl was walking alone to school when she was pinned down by the suspect. The suspect had his pants down.

When Wendy Diaz heard the girl's screams, ran after the man and injuring her knee in the process.

Diaz and others say the suspect is no stranger to the neighborhood.

"He's a predator and he's stalking the little girls around here.  He's been seen outside the school watching the children going to school in the morning," said Diaz.

Surveillance photos released by Milwaukee police on Wednesday night match the description residents have provided officers.

Witnesses say the suspect in his late teens, 5’11” and about 300 lbs. He was wearing a bright red baseball cap, a dark-hooded jacket and dark pants.

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  • JP79

    If he is guilty dont even put him on trial or in jail, just cut his junk off and let him bleed to death. What a waste of air….

  • Dawn

    Stephon might as well put a tractor tire rim around his neck and jump in Lake Michigan. He will be caught one way or another. God knows right where he is. This guy will be punished by man and by God.

  • A Yooper

    Amazing how this works . A man writes the truth and it gets deleted very fast. A few months and I am back up north. Enough of Mil. Lots of poor people in the UP. They would never shoot the neighbors. They would help them cut some wood to heat their house Maybe share the bottle & some of the weed. Swedes, Finns, Italians & a few Germans. That is the UP!!!! Crime is littering. Get caught doing that a Yopper will fix your tail.

    • Tim

      I hear ya! I’d move back, but I think Walker forgot that NE Wisconsin needs jobs, too. If you ain’t cutting firewood for a living, there’s no way to make any type of a living up there, and you can only eat just so much venison and fish, morning, noon, and night.

  • skeez

    He doesn’t live there any more. His family moved years ago. He lives on the south side with his mom somewhere close to that school

  • A Yooper

    Actually north east Wi. has many opportunities. Learn to weld. Sturgeon Bay has hundreds of opportunities. I am too old to do it now. We don’t realize how many complete ships are built up there. come on kids a career building ships as an welder, pipe fitter even a office guy or girl, tons of $$$ to be made there.

  • A Yooper

    He looks happy. When he is caught the judge will give him 2 months.fatten him up , free dental and every thing else. He can’t wait to get on Tom’s free folly Trolley.He can then up to East side & roll someone then on to Marquette. If anybody wants look up the trolley folly look into Houston. From downtown to the Reliant center & the Medical district. So many car / trolley / pedestrian hits. Many fatal. I work there 3-4 mos. a year.

  • Sheila Moyet

    I used to live on 15th Place & Greenfield years ago, and there was never anything like this. This neighborhood has really changed…and not for the better. Now it’s becoming an extension of the north side.

  • Victoria

    I’m glade they caught this monster his name is Stephon Moseley thanks to Facebook I guess Facebook is good for something…

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