26-year-old Stephon Mosley charged in sexual assault of 10-year-old girl

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Stephon Mosley

MILWAUKEE (WITI) — The man arrested and accused of raping a 10-year-old girl has been identified and charged. 26-year-old Stephon Mosley from Milwaukee was taken into custody on December 17th and is facing charges of kidnapping and first degree sexual assault of a child.

Prosecutors say the assault happened Tuesday, December 16th, near 15th and Orchard when the little girl was on her way to school.

A neighbor saw what was happening and managed to scare the suspect away.

Mosley is being held in jail on a $50,000 cash bond.

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  • Richard Symonowicz

    What a Sick, piece of Garbage this Sicko is to try and give this child a life of hell to have to remember for the rest of there life . This is a child what the hell is wrong with this Sicko,, I hope you get 20 year`s to think about your thought`s and in prison you might not get a chance to do your time, Child Molester`s are on top of the hit list ! Here`s a tip to YOU ! Watch your back ! 24/7 .

  • Cindy

    My prayers are with the little girl and her family she has a long road to recovery. I do want to say that the man who did this has a daughter himself why would you hurt someone else daughter when you have one of your own. I hate to say this but if this happened to his daughter he shouldn’t be surprised what goes around comes around. I pray God has no mercy on his evil soul.

    • Fancy

      You sound like a idiot! He will do more than 2 years in prison. No plea deal is that sweet with these serious charges… Get over yourself.

  • Liz

    $50,000? Is that street value for 10 year old children? I understand he isn’t guilty until proven to be, but $50,000 for a chance that it happens again? Run the DNA. If it matches shoot him between the eyes. One child is one child too many.

  • barton

    Fancy, whats with the name calling?
    You really think that our system works? I really hope your right in this case but I really have little hope in our system

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  • WI Family of 6

    I have a 10yr old daughter. This story made me hug her and hold her tight. If he had attacked my baby girl, there would be no safe shelter for him from me. Scumbags like this need the same thing done to them over and over in jail as the punishemnt should fit the crime.

  • Angel

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