Decision looms: Hamilton supporters preparing to react; National Guard on standby

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) — We could learn any day now whether the officer who shot and killed Dontre Hamilton in Red Arrow Park will be charged.

Since late April, the Hamilton family has been waiting to hear whether former officer Christopher Manney will be charged in this case. Manney has already been fired for action leading up to the shooting of Hamilton. Supporters of the Hamilton family have spent months protesting — demanding action.

74 protesters were arrested on Friday, December 19th for blocking traffic on I-43. On Sunday night, December 21st, Hamilton supporters turned out for what was called an emergency meeting.  The purpose of the meeting was to talk about Friday’s demonstration that shut down interstate traffic. The group plans to fight the citations.

In the meantime, Dontre Hamilton’s brother expects the decision on charges will be announced soon.

“I’m in contact with my lawyer and we’re waiting so that’s all we can do right now is wait,” said Nate Hamilton.

Nate couldn't speak about the citations, but he did want to address the police chief’s comments that the incident was a ‘breach of trust.’ Hamilton says the trust between protesters and police was gone the day his brother was killed.

“I feel the chief of police, he has to rebuild the trust, not as, we don’t have to rebuild the trust,” said Nate Hamilton.

Protesters say they plan to fight the citations issued Friday and are collecting money to help those who were jailed. On their Facebook page, protesters said they wanted to collect any video, pictures or other information they can use to fight the citations. In a separate post, they condemned the recent murders of two police officers in New York — reminding followers they do not condone senseless acts of violence.

“I’m gonna continue to bring awareness to the city. I’m gonna continue to try and make this city look at things more clearly,” said Nate Hamilton.

Law enforcement agencies are anticipating another wave of demonstrations this week. Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke says the National Guard is on stand-by just in case crowds get out of control.

FOX6 News is monitoring this story and will continue to update when more information becomes available.

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  • Stay safe

    Chisolm decision is expected today. All protestors will meet at Red Arrow Park for decision and post decision. Cameras welcome and encouraged to capture and prevent any unlawful activity. Those who are oppised to the illegal tactics of this group should consider buying a drink from the nearby Starbucks. This Starbucks has taken a hit of late, as protestors consider their calls to the police the impetus for Dontres death. In the words of Tory Lowe, they think his blood is on their Starbucks hands.

    • Mike

      Exactly. Hey- when you don’t have to work and have all day to protest… Might as well… I hope they don’t forget their Quest cards so that they can pick up a few sodas while they protest working people.

  • Solidarity Sam

    Many thanks to supporters and protestors with SEIU’s Wisconsin Jobs Now. Your teeets were featured everywhere and some of you even spent the night in that awful place, so Jennifer Epps Addison, Brian Rothgery, Jimmy Coleman, Trevor Bell, and Jamal Johnson – thank you! A final, fantastic shout out to jail support – y’all held it down out there! Just remember when it gets rough like this – like somebody said while arrested – “Hey, we’re changing history.” Remembering that puts it all in perspective.

    • sickofitall

      Yes, by all means, please post more names and keep posting on social media! All potential employers want to eliminate you from any job opportunities that you will apply to. That’s how you’re changing history (your own).

  • Berkenshire Yeomenship

    Set up a couple remote conrolled gau 8’s or phalanx around the perimeter to insure that the law isn’t broken. They can even setup up a PPV website run by the city where you gets to control the devices for 30 seconds.

  • Solidarity Sam

    Also, lest I forget..I just want to acknowledge those solidarity soldiers who slipped out of their cuffs and kept us informed with encouraging words and pictures…even after they were arrested! So, acknowledgements to John Fleissner, Van Mayes, Eric Wyatt! Thanks to that quick thinking, political allies were able to be utilized more quickly to get the soldiers on probation out quickly…even on a weekend, when it is impossible to get in touch with Probation Officers!

  • Big D

    President Obama needs to reach out to his Secretary of Race Baiting Al Sharpton to prevent him bringing in outside rioters and stirring rioters to a fever pitch. When the right decision is announced everyone needs to be ready to avoid a FERGUSON or worse a New York cop killing type incident’ Oh wait Obama is on vacation in Hawaii, Well Mayor Tom ‘shoulder shrug ” Barrett will handle it, yeah right, God help us all’

  • Chris Multerer

    Guess what ? If the subjects that were killed by police would have just obeyed their commands, we would have this. They brought this on themselves, and the families and supporters refuse to acknowledge this fact. REFUSE !!

  • Brittany

    If I were a police officer, I would’ve responded the same way simply because I don’t know you and I don’t know what you’re capable of – and at the end of the day I will have to make those unbelievably hard split second decisions that may not always be ideal, but are necessary for me to come home safe. If an officer isn’t allowed or given the power to induce order then what is the point of having police? They are there to keep us safe when needed and if you can’t follow their commands or the law there will always be consequences! If you are doing nothing wrong to warrant the police’s attention, perfect, but when they approach you don’t give them a reason to believe otherwise. Do what you need to do to go home safe too, even if that includes being respectful to an officer of the law regardless of your views about them.

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