Dispatch audio: Hear Christopher Manney’s voice moments after shooting Dontre Hamilton

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- With Monday's no-charging decision in the Dontre Hamilton case, piles of documents are being released. The Department of Justice handed over its documents. Included in the collection are audio files that allow you to hear for the first time, Officer Christopher Manney's voice.

On April 30th, Starbucks employees working out of a trailer called police, complaining about a homeless man who was sleeping in Red Arrow Park. Here's the voice mail then-Officer Christopher Manney received before heading over to Red Arrow Park.

"I just got a call there from your people there at Starbucks by Red Arrow, Red Arrow Park. Apparently they have a trailer they are operating out of there now? Like I said, there is a homeless guy sleeping alongside the trailers there if you want to check on him. Black male, 30 to 40 years old wearing a blue or a navy coat and navy jeans."

When Manney didn't know at the time was two other officers had already been to Red Arrow Park that day -- and they decided Hamilton wasn't hurting anyone. They let him be.

When Manney arrived, an altercation ensued and Officer Manney ended up shooting Hamilton 14 times. In the heat of the moment, after the rounds had been fired, he placed a call for help.

Manney: "1246. Shots fired. Shots fired. Officer-involved. Guy started beating me. Started beating me my baton. Started hitting me in the head with my own baton. Shots fired. Uh, Starbucks. Starbucks. Help right now. Uh, send me medical too. He's gonna need medical. Shots multiple times to the chest. Black male. He's about 20. Starbucks at Kilbourn and Water. I need medical."

Dozens of officers arrived on the scene. The exchange between police dispatch and Manney continued:

Dispatch: "10-4. Is there any officers shot there?"

Manney: "11-12. Negative on any officers shot...I may have been hit with a baton, but I'm okay. I'm off the air now."

A national use-of-force expert who reviewed the case quoted Manney as saying that Hamilton "didn't flinch" after the first bullet.

That caused Manney to ask himself, "Am I shooting a f---ing BB gun?" because the shots weren't stopping Hamilton as quickly as he thought they should.

The expert writes that Manney may have experienced a 'distortion of time' that is typical of officers in high stress situations.

Among the records released today, is a Milwaukee police report from February of 2013, when officers were called to an apartment near 27th and Roosevelt.

Dontre Hamilton had stabbed himself in the neck. He told police he was diagnosed schizophrenic and that, 'the voices told me to kill myself and you people too'.

That was 14 months before the encounter in Red Arrow Park.


  • Kenneth W. Bohn

    This did not sound like the voice of an officer or a person intent on killing another human being; this sounded like the voice of an individual who had just experienced an event in which he truly feared for his life. This is “NOT” a recording of a “KILLER PIG”!!!

    I wish the news media would learn how to do their jobs better in reporting the news, and “STOP” reporting the news in a fashion that “CREATES” the monsters looking for the “KILLER PIG”!!!

    Are the news stations really that low on cash, funds, ratings and ability to stay in business that they have to stoop so low for stories to try to divide our country and drive our communities into riots, cop hating, looting and destruction just to get stories, ratings and chase the almighty buck? Do you ever think about what you are doing to the people that are part of these stories, or the communities or our country?

    I can tell you as part of this country’s 2%, that Officer Christopher Manney would have gone through absolute hell, even if this incident would have never made any more news than an inside column in the newspaper. Officer Christopher Manney was already in hell before and when he pulled that trigger; and by the time he made those radio transmissions; none of you will ever know in you wildest dreams the hell he was and is going through, and will live with the rest of his life. And I think it is pathetic that his Chief……..his sorry @$$ leader…..Chief Ed Flynn threw him under the bus for political purposes because Chief Ed Flynn has “NOT” got a clue what the hell his Officer experienced that day!!!

    • Kenneth W. Bohn

      Officer Christopher Manney, if you by chance rea this; Thank You for doing your job and your service. As a 30+ year police officer and retire Chief of Police, I completely disagree with Chief Flynn’s opinion and decision; and I hope that you get your job back with full back pay; and on top of that the court orders the Chiefot place you in the testing ability for any promotions you would have been able to write for and that the judge have the ability to view the testing process to make sure the Chief did NOT tamper with said test procedure.

  • Bob

    Once again the black community shows that they are nothing but hate filled racists. When this first happened they judged the officer to be racist based solely on the color of his skin. They have over and over again wanted this man executed- regardless of the facts. Well the facts show that their loved one was fighting with the officer and had taken his baton. Which he used as a weapon- but in the blacks eyes this is acceptable. In their eyes the officer should have let himself be killed – just because the attacker was black.


    Time we end all welfare and public assistance- let the blacks earn a living like everyone else on the planet. If they choose to sit around and pump out kids with no way to feed or house them let their “for profit” churchs take care of them.

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