U.S. Attorney announces federal civil rights review in Dontre Hamilton case

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) — The United States Department of Justice announced on Monday evening, December 22nd that it will undertake a federal review of this case to determine if, under federal civil rights law, there is a basis, both legal and factual, upon which a federal civil rights prosecution may be premised.

The review will be conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Office of the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Wisconsin, and the Civil Rights Division.

The review comes after the Milwaukee County District Attorney announced his decision, based on his review of the relevant facts and the applicable state law, not to initiate criminal charges against Milwaukee Police Officer Christopher Manney in connection with the death of Dontre Hamilton in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on April 30th.

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  • o¿o

    Read the reports and witness testimonies.. there is zero reason they should be harassing this ex-officer. And a civil rights suit? Really? If you are sleeping in a park, you are gonna get talked to by the cops. I fell asleep at South Shore and got woken up by a cop.

  • sickofitall

    So they will review the evidence in the case and come to the same conclusion. I would then send each arrested protester a bill for their portion of any police overtime expenses.

  • KatieK

    FOR THE LOVE OF GOD….STOP GIVING THIS CR@P MORE AND MORE ATTENTION! Leave it along U.S. Attorney. Are you looking forward to re-election or something? Jesus…

  • WI Family of 6

    What is this for? Its just like when the liberals couldn’t find anything with Walker. They tried anything and everything and still came to the same conclusion. Enough already! There were no friggin civil rights violated. At this point, the only civil rights violated are those of officer Manney, who should sue the city for loss of job and endless persecution due to this nonsense.

  • OTL

    Looks like the same conclusion will be reached as in the “Zimmerman investigation”, still waiting for the charges to be filed on that one.

  • Neal

    While we all can agree that it was a tragedy that Dontre was killed in this case, if we are going to have the Feds review the case, fine, but let’s to a full review, not just of the police department, but of the whole cultural aspects here. Lets have a Federal review of why it seams to be only black men that are consistently being shot here, is there something in the cultural norm here that is teaching these men to not respect authority and want to resit police no matter what. I was raised to respect police authority. Is this another after effect of everyone carrying guns around these days, no one knows who is armed and who is not. What is it in the pattern of behavior that is leading to so many black men being shot. That’s what I want to know, lets review that and see what the report says, but lord knows that will never happen because it would be too “culturally insensitive” or whatever other excuse the PC patrol can come up with. I am with Chief Flynn that MPD can withstand federal scrutiny. Can other elements of the “community” say the same thing?

    • WI Family of 6

      NEAL, I agree with most of your statements except for your statement on people carry guns. Those that carry guns legally do not pose the hazard. The people that obtain guns illegally and use them for crime are the hazard. It is our right as citizens of this country to bear arms, legally, and to defend ourselves. I fully agree that a complete review of the entire situation should be done, not just reviewing what the police did. I also was raised to respect police authority, not to attack them.

  • darshaneeander

    Paradoxically, parameters supersede socioeconomic craniofacial facsimiles. Once allegorical dichotomies are allowed to lysogenize, archetypical chronological categories are dispersed at will.

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