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“We’ll be back:” Hamilton protesters vow to continue to fight

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Monday's decision in the Dontre Hamilton case and what's led up to it had the city on edge.

The National Guard remains on standby. But they weren't needed today as protests remained peaceful.

"They don't really see the real love that is out here," said Nate Hamilton, Dontre Hamilton's brother.

Following a decision, no charges are coming, about 100 protesters took to the streets.

First to the Federal Building, then past Red Arrow Park. A peaceful walk sharing their disappointment that marched to All Peoples Church at 2nd and Clarke.

Elected officials met the group there.

"We need the police, we need a police force that is responsive, to us a citizen to protect and to serve, not a police that over reaches in its power," said U.S. Representative Gwen Moore.

After a few hours rest, protesters take to their cars and arrive at Red Arrow Park again.

"I felt compelled to come. Justice has to be served. People need answers," said Alida Lacosse, protester.

Lacosse drove from Madison to be in Milwaukee today.

In the darkness and rain, the group vows more protests are coming.

"We'll be back here tomorrow at 5:00 p.m.," said Nate Hamilton.

A promise, while the day did not go as planned, the fight is not yet over.

Protesters say they have something big planned for Tuesday. However, they say they do not plan on being arrested and they will be smart about it.


  • Gradus Quia (@GradusQuia)

    From the very first day of protest, there have been public calls for the deaths of cops. To claim that there is no connection between months of propaganda and demands, marches and rioting, and the eventual slaying of two police officers is monstrously disingenuous.

    It’s too late. The mobs began with a lie (“Hands up!”) and ended in death. It was never an issue of social justice. The summer has been about nothing more than looting, arson, and the killing of cops.

    It’s over. No one believes the chants. Go home.

    • Michelle

      Nate Hamilton called for the ridding of pigs during his speech yesterday and Brown’s stepdad said to “burn this b**** down.” There is nothing peaceful in that type of rhetoric.

  • foxcensorship

    Will my comment be deleted? Helll yea you think you got rights nope everyone is in the same boat politions and big business are in control wake up

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