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No arrests as large group of Dontre Hamilton supporters make their way to BMO Harris Bradley Center

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- In the wake of a decision by Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm not to charge former Milwaukee Police Officer Christopher Manney in the shooting death of Dontre Hamilton in downtown Milwaukee's Red Arrow Park, Dontre Hamilton supporters gathered again Tuesday evening, December 23rd.

The group continues to call for justice in Dontre Hamilton's death, and spread the message that black lives matter. This, as the United States Attorney has announced the United States Department of Justice will undertake a federal review of the case to determine if, under federal civil rights law, there is a basis, both legal and factual, upon which a federal civil rights prosecution may be premised.  This review will be conducted by the FBI, the Office of the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Wisconsin, and the Civil Rights Division.

In addition to the federal review, Hamilton's family's attorney Jonathan Safran tells FOX6 News the family would like to see the Fire and Police Commission uphold Manney's firing, and a "patterns and practices" investigation into the Milwaukee Police Department.

Hamilton's mother, Maria Hamilton told CNN she thinks Manney was an overzealous cop who got away with murder.

"It's not just about Dontre and Milwaukee. It's about all the lives that has been taken. We hurt. We work to live in the community that we live in and our system has failed us. We actually pay their salaries to protect us. To serve us. To make us feel safe. It's a slap in the face to our community. No mother should have to lose her child to something this tragic," Maria Hamilton said.

On Friday, December 19th, demonstrators made their way to I-43 -- causing traffic delays during rush hour. 74 protesters were arrested.

Nothing like that occurred on Monday, when the District Attorney handed down his decision, but just in case, Governor Scott Walker has the National Guard on standby. If utilized, the National Guard would support local law enforcement officials.

On Tuesday evening, a group of demonstrators (the largest group FOX6 has seen thus far) met at Red Arrow Park at 5:00 p.m., where Dontre Hamilton's brother, Nate delivered remarks to the crowd.

"We really care about this city. Everybody out here cares about this city -- so tearing it down is not going to help -- but we have to rebuild," Nate Hamilton said.

Then, the group began marching.

Making their way through city streets, demonstrators chanted for justice for Dontre, and to "recall Chisholm."

This, as Milwaukee police issued this message on Twitter:

The group then made their way to the BMO Harris Bradley Center. The Milwaukee Bucks had a 7:00 p.m. tipoff vs. the Charlotte Hornets.

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A FOX6 News crew monitoring the demonstration reports the protesters planned to make a human chain around the perimeter of the Bradley Center as fans showed up for the game.

"It's America. It's what we gotta do. I brought my kids through so they could see it," a Bucks fan said.

At the BMO Harris Bradley Center, demonstrators were met by Milwaukee police.

Protesters blocked entrances as Bucks fans tried to get inside. A few disappointed fans tried getting inside anyway, and that led to some shoving. Police officers mounted on horses were called out to the scene.

Eventually, as fans filed in for the game, protesters sat down. Police officers blocked the doors and helped fans enter. As protesters moved, the line of police officers grew tighter.

A FOX6 News crew at the scene saw Jimmy Gray tearing up his Bucks tickets -- not because he was upset he couldn't get into the BMO Harris Bradley Center, but because he had chosen instead to join the demonstration and teach his grandchildren a lesson.

"Basketball games don't mean diddly. This is more important. A black life is important. A white life is important. Live period is important," Gray said.

Not all agreed with the decision to demonstrate at the Bradley Center, with one fan telling FOX6 News it'll be a long time before he comes downtown again.

Back on the street, demonstrators linked arms, temporarily shutting down Fourth Street.

Protesters made their way back to Red Arrow park around 7:30 p.m.

Addressing the crowd at Red Arrow Park was Craig Stingley, the father of Corey Stingley.

16-year-old Corey Stingley died in December 2012 after he was restrained at a West Allis convenience store. The Milwaukee County District Attorney later announced no charges would be filed against the three men who restrained Corey Stingley.

The Milwaukee Police Department issued this statement on Tuesday evening's demonstration:

"Tonight the Milwaukee Police Department again facilitated a walk of a group of demonstrators through downtown streets. When group tried to restrict access of ticket holders to Bradley Center, we ensured their admittance w/o making any arrests.  After a short demonstration at the Bradley Center, the group returned to Red Arrow Park where their walk began."

Nate Hamilton tells FOX6 News Jesse Jackson has reached out to the Coalition for Justice, the group that's been organizing the protests in Dontre Hamilton's honor. We're told Jackson wants the Coalition for Justice members to come down to Chicago this weekend for a Rainbow/PUSH event. Rainbow/PUSH is a non-profit organization formed as a merger of two non-profit organizations founded by Jesse Jackson — Operation PUSH and the National Rainbow Coalition. The organizations pursue social justice, civil rights and political activism.

Nate Hamilton says he and the Coalition for Justice are working out details.

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  • Reasonless

    “We actually pay their salaries to protect us.”
    Really…… Do you have a job????
    Do you actually pay taxes????
    If you have a job, how do you hold employment while going to all of these protests?

      • R

        Apparently not, since she’s been evicted three times according to her CCAP. She was also found liable to Walmart for $6,000 and owed We Energies another $2500. This is in addition to the multiple thousand dollar bills related to her failure to pay rent. Oh, and Dontre’s name is on all of this. Now she shows up looking for money in a civil suit? Yeah, get real you bunch of hypocrites. Nobody in this family is a law-abiding, decent citizen from multiple convicted felon Dontre to deadbeat dad Nate to the mom who can’t even pay rent. ALL OF THIS BACKED UP BY CCAP.

      • Downtown

        proves nothing except they are poor. i know working people that struggle to pay bills. not everyone is a trust-fund baby …

  • A Yooper

    My date & I had a Christmas tradition of a night out downtown, shop, skate, a nice dinner, the Christmas Carol then a hotel in the city. Not this year. Too much fear for her & I to deal with the irrational people there. We took a nice walk in Cedarburg, dinner, nice.

      • JP79

        DOWNTOWN – If you are going to defend the stupid at least try to have some facts. Also it is not YOUR City, it is the peoples city, the ones that follow the rules and pay taxes not the scum. Do a little search fro Wisconsin Circuit Court Access, and look up the Hamiltons. – RIGHT TO PROTECT LIFE –

      • ron

        Downtown. It’s not not “your” city. If it was u would not be supporting a group of people blinded by race causing chaos in the steers and on the freeway.

  • ReallyFolks?

    The fact that you would be “afraid” to go downtown during what have been peaceful protests for over 8 months is completely irrational. Racism is rooted in fear. Stay in your safe, quiet little homes… you’re clearly not the people this movement is meant to reach.

    You can’t know an experience you’ve never lived, so the stories must and will be told. Those that are listening intently, will know of the injustices that are taking place throughout this city, state and country because of these protest and others like it across the country. Something substantial must change within the laws that govern law enforcement throughout this country. The checks and balances are simply not there.

  • ReallyFolks?

    WE ARE TIRED of all of this!!! WE shouldn’t have to protest! WE are tired of being bullied, shot, illegally strip searched, and harassed by police because of the color of our skin. We are tired of a black man dying at the hands of law enforcement within this country ever 28 hours! Think about that. You’re tired of a few dozen people protesting something they are tired of… dying of. We’re protesting the killing of approx. 365 men, fathers, sons, brothers dying at the hands of law enforcement every year in this country. In no other place in the World does this happen.

    WE ARE TIRED… and we will continue so get used to that or help us to change it.

      • J

        He was trying to stop him. Getting shot is not like seen I the movies. People do not simply fall over or fly back. People can continue fight for a couple minutes even with a fatal shot unless it strikes the central nervous system aka brain/spinal cord. I’m sure he was still be struck as he was shooting. There were witnesses who said the officer gave verbal commands to the subject prior to the incident. Had he listened and complied with a simple check to make sure he did not have any weapons he would have moved to another spot and who knows what he would be doing today. Not that hard. But if no one is happy with mpd why don’t they take a week off, then see if the city wants a proactive police dept. the officers could sit at desks and take reports and never need to have contact with the community.

    • ron

      We are tired of violence in the black community. Tired of robberies, assults, raps, shootings, all from the black community done by blacks. And if you all didn’t learn yet if you fight with the cops you might get dead for example: brown, hamilton, that fat guy in new york, and that kid with the toy gun pointing at the squad. All dead because of there actions.

    • Z

      Everyone else is tired of you playing the victim. Everyone else is tired of you not taking accountability for your culture. Everyone else is tired of you thinking you actually matter. You are on the wrong side of history and will be remembered as such.

  • Black Milwaukee White Wisconsinth

    I don’t understand why people always stating go get a job if the Hamilton family wanna protest that’s their free speech! But however to assume they’re not working because they’re protesting is called assuming you know them personally

  • Maria P

    I dont know who is censoring everyone by deleting their comments, but that is NOT what we stand for. Kindly stop.

  • Ironic

    If the BlackLivesMatter Movement and the Tea Party movement realized how similar they actually are, this thing would be unstippable. Similar goals, but too many politics in the way to unite. Its a shame.

  • say what?

    Did he say call Fox 6 to report someone deleting comments? Now that was funny just tell get rid of the report comment box

  • say what?

    People are so quick to be judgmental looking and trolling folks on ccap they’re not protesting about priors within the courts for crying out loud they’re protesting about dontre being killed while he was simply resting on apark bench!!

    • J

      Simply attacking a police officer. All these news stories have 2 things in common not 1. Black male and fighting with a police officer.

  • say what?

    The Hamilton family feels like justice wasn’t served it wasn’t like dontre was a suspect for a crime the man was sleeping on a park bench I see homeless people all the time under the bridge but do I call the
    Police no!! This man lost his life because some Starbucks employee felt he was hurting their business!!

  • say what?

    Alfonzo Glover gets a first degree intentional homicide but manney gets off that’s why folks are mad oh yeah I forgot Glover was black!!!

  • really

    Ccap is the truth .of the kind of people the hamiltons are I am sure..they fully intend to pay all of their judgements.all their back rent etc etc when they get all this $$$ they think they will get…I hope the city charges them for all the extra police hours. I hope the businesses that are being harmed with these protests..file suits…dontre wasnt sleeping in a bench he was in the walk…there is an ordinance about sleeping in a park.and his own family had restraining orders against him..nate is a felon…robbery…hmmm… one cares..and if they did all this over the top nonsense has soured alot of something constructive…help the mentally ill…the homeless..I wasnt raised hating cops. .in was raised to respect..and obey the my bills.go to work..take care of my true to my frinds..follow the ten commandments. .merry Christmas. ..God Bless those who help themselves…treat every one with compassion…obey Gods law’s. unto others as you would have them do unto the yourself….the meek shall inherit the earth…all these protests..are like p agen rituals…the black community needs to fix itself…the family unit. Their souls…their work ethic…when I work a 12 hour day..I come home to take care of family…chores. .kids homework…I would never have time to march around for 8 months…obviously. ..not enough to do in your lives…the working public..the ones who live a law abiding life..dont care…we really are sick of it now it is more outbof pure amusement…we watch the circus….

  • really abiding..people dont have an issue with officers. Of the law..if I get stopped..or asked a question…I have nothing to hide..I have no issue with a black officer..Hispanic officer..oriental officer a white officer….My civil rigjt is to be able to to a basketball game…etc anywhere I want and not be bullied or harassed by self righteous..people who are trying to push what they beleive down my throat…leave me out of your party…I dont agree with you…you can march around til hell freezes over just leave me alone…and I am sure I am not the only one around who feels this way either…

  • Roddy

    First, the milwaukee media needs to stop giving this so much coverage. Enough already! This only is making this worse. Second, the police need to start arresting the stupid head protesters when they do things like they did at the Bradley center. They are treating them with kids gloves and this needs to stop. Arrest them and give them fines.


    I lament the fact that many comments here were erased. I think the shooting was justified. Even though his death was tragic it should be lesson to all blacks

  • Gregg Michael

    Until our federal government stops the 53 million murders of babies every year with many of these being black babies, it’s only going to continue to get worse. There is no respect for human life by the Obama administration, which promotes these senseless murders by funding abortions through Obama Care. Race relations had improved greatly in this country until under the Obama administration’s leadership, we have seen these race relations get worse and go backwards. He has hurt and wounded this country so horribly and has incited this hatred and rioting among the races with his failed economic policies, lawlessness, and ill chosen words, which have only fanned the flames of hatred. The economic health of America, especially among blacks and other minorities has suffered greatly during his presidency. And until Congress and this entire country takes action and holds Obama and his administration completely responsible for the state of the union, it’s only going to continue to get worse. When our own President of the United States refuses to obey the legally established laws of our country and the US Constitution and Congress does nothing to restrain him just because of the color of his skin, we have a SERIOUS problem. Since when does the color of your skin make you above the law? Lawlessness begets lawlessness and when the color of your skin allows you to break the laws of the country with no legal action done to stop this, we can not expect to see anything different by other governmental agencies. Our Justice Department has done nothing to stop the lawlessness that has been going on for some time now in the Obama administration. Until this lawlessness by the Obama administration is addressed first, the lawlessness is going to continue to filter down to state and local governments as well. To address the problems we have in our government, we need to start from the top down. The Obama administration is the root cause of all of these race problems that have increased under his leadership. And until his lawlessness is addressed and actions taken, we are only going to see these problems increase.

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