Arrested, accused in stabbing at bar, Dustin Diamond aka “Screech” has Monday court hearing

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(WITI/CNN) -- Police on Friday, December 26th arrested Dustin Diamond, better known as "Screech" in the early 1990s sitcom "Saved by the Bell," in a stabbing incident at a bar in Port Washington.

37-year-old Diamond, who lives in Port Washington was charged with three misdemeanors: second-degree recklessly endangering safety, carrying a concealed weapon and disorderly conduct, use of a dangerous weapon.

He was being held Friday in lieu of $10,000 bond. Diamond is claiming self-defense, and he’s reportedly seeking private counsel.

According to an arrest report released Friday afternoon, the stabbing took place late on Christmas during an argument in the Grand Avenue Saloon.

Diamond said he and his girlfriend, 27-year-old Amanda Schutz were inside the bar when a group of intoxicated people started behaving in a rude and insulting manner, leading him to believe "there was going to be a brawl," the report said.

He said he turned to close his account and get their coats, but when he looked back, his girlfriend was bleeding and two men were holding her hair, the report said.

Diamond said he moved toward his girlfriend when a man grabbed him, the report said. Diamond said he he might have stabbed the man with a pen used to sign a credit card receipt, but later conceded he was armed with the knife, the report said.

"Diamond stated that he did not intentionally stab the individual in the bar but that chaos broke out and people were grabbing at him and that he swung his arms to break free," the report stated.

Diamond and Schutz drove away from the bar and were stopped by police, who said they found a "stiletto folding knife with a 3.75-inch blade, which uses a thumb stud and assisted opening mechanism." Police said the tip of the knife was moist.

The man identified as the stabbing victim told police he didn't see a knife or initially feel being cut. Police said the wound was not life threatening. Court documents say the victim suffered a half-inch wound with “substantial bleeding” under the arm pit. That victim is recovering at home.

Other people in the bar said the fracas started when women started shoving each other, the police report said. One witness told police a woman was upset because people were taking pictures of her and her boyfriend.

Schutz was charged with disorderly conduct and released, police said.

Diamond has a status hearing scheduled for Monday, December 29th in Ozaukee County.

Diamond appeared on "Saved by the Bell" as awkward nerd Samuel "Screech" Powers from 1989 to 1993 and later appeared in various spinoffs of the hit show.

In September, Lifetime aired a movie about life on the set loosely based on a book written by Diamond.

The book garnered negative criticism for Diamond from castmates, who said it was inaccurate.

In 2013, Diamond distanced himself from the book, telling OWN that the book had been written by a ghostwriter and was a "disappointment" to him.

Below is video posted to showing Diamond inside the Grand Avenue Saloon on Christmas.

WARNING: There is extremely strong language in this video. It is not appropriate for all audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.

CLICK HERE to take a look at Dustin Diamond's career history, dating back to 1987.

CLICK HERE for Dustin Diamond in the news: past stories posted by, including stories on Diamond's foreclosure troubles in Wisconsin.



  • dancing in the ruins

    in a similar but unrelated incident, milhouse from the simpsons was arrested for possession of yellow cake uranium.

      • Cristi

        He is not originally from Port, but he has lived there for a number of years. I lived a block away from him. He had money problems and couldn’t pay his mortgage, almost lost his house. He sold tshirts with his autograph to raise money to “Save Screeches house.”

  • Jay Ferguson

    The difference here was that Mr. Diamond didn’t pull the switchblade on the cops and threaten them with it. I’m certain that if he did, he would have been shot. Know why? The same reason anyone else is shot by a cop: Cops are humans, have families to live for, and they don’t want to die. If you think a cop will let a white stranger threaten his life more just because of his skin color, then you don’t have 2 brain cells to rub together.

    Maybe if you fools would teach your dumbass kids that threatening a cop with a weapon or attacking one is more likely to get you shot than street cred a 6-figure rap contract, we wouldn’t see so many thugs being put in the ground.

    It’s always easier to point your fingers at the cops than to take a good hard look at how your culture and lack of parenting is influencing your children.

    • Cam

      Where I live, twice a white man has shot more than one cop. The cops died and both men where brought in alive. The one incident was more recent. This man was stalking policemen and taking them out one by one. There was a man hunt that was weeks long for that cop killer, yet he is alive.

      • Drew

        So is the guy that shot the Tarpon Springs, Fl cop.

        When you don’t resist arrest, you give cops less of a reason to be on edge. Information a lot of dead thugs could have used.

    • R

      Wisconsin law is vague as far as knives are related. Without a concealed carry license they have to be under 3″ long and cannot have any operational mechanism on the handle otherwise it will be considered a switchblade which is still considered illegal even with a cc license.

      • Darren Janecky

        This is not true. There is no law in Wisconsin governing knives outside of switchblades and (for some goofy reason) butterfly knives. There is no length restriction despite what the police in wisconsin claim. A 1″ folding pocketknife is a concealed weapon the same as a machete down your pants. Likewise a sword strapped to your back outside of any clothing is fully legal. I was arrested, jailed, and charged with a “state” offense specifically based on this myth and it was immediately dismissed once I got to court. My lawyer at the time encouraged me to pace back and forth in front of New Berlin Police department with just that… a sword strapped to my back to encourage the 3rd necessary arrest for an iron clad suit. I did not of course, as I’m not that kind of person.

    • R

      Possession of a switchblade is a misdemeanor. You can own a spring assisted knofe under the wording of the law if the flipper system is attached to the knife blade and not the handlie, ie. Kershaw.

    • Mark Spears

      In some states, including Wisconsin… yes, a switchblade is illegal. (In other states, it’s only legal if it’s part of a registered collection.)

  • Jolie

    There is more to the story. Diamond is suspected of stabbing a fellow bar patron with the knife and then leaving the scene.

  • Mike

    from now on someones Christmas story will always end “…and that is how I was stabbed by Screech on Christmas with a switchblade.”

  • Don

    Or maybe he did not attempt to attack the police officer with the knife and that is why he is still alive. SMH and by the way what unarmed boack folk that did not resist arrest have been shot by the police? Just wanting to know where you are getting your facts from besides Jesse or Rev Al

    • Rich

      What black person was shot that didn’t resist arrest? Take your pick, read a newspaper. How about one of the most publicized shootings, the Amadou Diallo case? Just someone trying to enter his apartment building looking for his keys, and was shot at 41 times, with 19 bullets hitting and killing him. He did not make any moves towards the officers, he wasn’t even under arrest. One of the officers claimed he saw a gun and the four of them started shooting. When the shooting was done, a man was dead, his only crime coming home late at night from his job.

  • Justin C Taylor

    Jayy, black folks don’t always die. Many folks of all colors are killed trying to harm the police who are trying to arrest them. Many more folks of all colors are put in jail without being killed.

  • Mark Spears

    Actually, you have to go digging in the U.S. Criminal Statistics to find this (because the media only reports it if they can stir up racial tension with it), but THREE TIMES more white people are killed by police each year than black people.

    • Questions

      I read that statistic about more white people sgot by police officers than black people shot by police officers as well. It doesnt really matyer, though, because this movement isn’t about #blacklivesmatter or police brutality anyway. Its about votes, pwer and money. What other reason would there be for SEIU’S organization to increase the minimum wage to be involved in planning actions and protests?

  • Mark Spears

    Aside from the fact that he actually STABBED someone with it, switchblades have been illegal in Wisconsin for years. They’re also illegal in Colorado, New Mexico, Hawaii, Louisiana, Maine, and Michigan, and *mostly* illegal (Read: Only legal if part of a registered collection) in several other states.

    So not only did he commit assault with a deadly weapon, it was an *illegal* deadly weapon.

  • Evan

    If Dustin Diamond stabbed someone, then why are the charges “carrying a concealed weapon, possession of a switchblade knife and first degree recklessly endangering safety”?

    • Mark Spears

      Because they can’t prove (yet) that he stabbed the guy. But they *can* prove he was carrying a weapon which is illegal by Wisconsin state law.

  • Tired in Milwaukee

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO tired of the race card being played every time something happens that someone doesn’t like. Don’t want to get shot at, don’t point a gun at or attack a police officer.. Plain and simple!!!! It’s really not a new concept people!

    • Jayy

      Its always the white people who say they’re tired of the race card being played lol. Thats very comical. Please save the lies of replying that you’re black bwahaaaa

    • Sickofthedrama

      So Fing tired of the anti-police comments! Without the police 🚨 personal and family sacrifice the world 🌍 would be overrun with criminals taking advantage of everyone! 99% are amazing and Ethical! It’s the 1% that destroy the lives and good reputation of the masses! Remember that when you jump to conclusions or post that ridiculous ignorant comment! I loved my 15 years in law enforcement and the positive difference I made…. Unfortunately, not all are in it to make a positive impact, but thankfully the majority are!

  • Lawrence

    Not surprising that no one is calling this guy an animal or a thug instead people are cracking jokes and down playing what he did. If he were a random black guy this whole comment section would be completely different but hey it is Wisconsin smh!

    • Kristen

      Maybe if you can show us his list of priors, tell us he was shoving innocent people out of his way as he stole something, resisting arrest, or otherwise behaving like a “thug”…we’ll do that. Until then, he doesn’t FIT into that category. I’m so sick of these “unarmed martyrs” who died with a criminal lifestyle being painted as choir boys because on that particular day, their gun was at home.

  • Ray

    Try learning to type first. Boack folks? Did you mean black folks? Did you know that term went out with button up shoes? Don’t try to spin this into racism stupid.

  • WTF!

    A cop said the knife was moist…
    what brain dead cop tested the knife for MOISTNESS????
    how can metal be moist???
    I just wanna know one thing COP,,, ARE YOU STUPID OR WHAT!?!?

  • Bob

    Hey Jayy,

    Why don’t you go back to the 3rd grade so you can learn how to write before you try to comment here??? When screech was pulled over he cooperated with the police and did not violently resist them so that is why he wasn’t shot by them. Can you understand that concept or is it over your head??? Anybody who violently resists police needs to be subdued and if that violent person resorts to deadly force like grabbing an officer’s baton and trying to strike him in the head then he gets shot as many times as it takes to stop the threat to the police officer. End of story morning glory. Now get back to your 3rd grade spelling book and study for your test!!!

    • Justme

      Ha ha I know right! Starts off funny and or intelligent, then ends up in black vs white! Thanks for reminding me of how stupid I too can sound when I go on a tangent about white vs. black. So silly and foolish.

  • lone ranger

    Sounds like self defense to me he looks back their attacking his girlfriend? What is he supposed to do wait 15 min for the cops to show? Maybe these hick Port Washington thugs will think twice before they start trouble with patrons next time. That town is full of low life drunks just like Sheboygan home town of freak jobs

  • Cristi

    You reported this wrong Fox. He was charged with a felony and two misdemeanors. You can see his charges on WCCA Wisconsin circuit court.

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  • mh

    Wow, This is news why??
    WHO CARES ABOUT A LONG GONE ACTOR WHOES CAREER HAS BEEN OVER? Then how does a story about Screech turn racist? I know, racists!!!!!

  • Naomi

    Funny how the majority of folks tired of the race card are white. Your ancestors have left a deeply rooted scar that is going to be hard to just “get over” sorry. Do not act like there aren’t racist cops out there. Racism still exist it’s the sad reality get over that. But then again you wouldn’t understand because you haven’t had to deal with this reality so it’s easy to defend the injustice…then again this is a Fox forum so I shouldn’t be surprised.

    • jayhawk37

      Naomi, it could be because white folks don’t play the race card, only blacks get to play that card. Racism will exist as long as there are races with clear differences in appearance, no getting around that.

    • Chaos78

      Funny how most of the people playing the race card are white… As a white man I can tell you my family’s ansestors have never owned slaves. They came into this country long after slavery was done with. And have fought for equal rights for every man woman and child. Racism isn’t a one way atreet anymore. I see more and more ppl blaming everyone and everything but them selves here. Tell it like it is… You attack a cop you get shot! Everyone start taking responsibility for your own actions! Stop blaming the past.

  • Laurie Czerwinski

    Dustin Diamond does not at all seem like the type to use a knife without being provoked. And another thing, if he Would Have called a Cop… those criminal types who are pretending to own the street now would have hurt him somehow anyway..that, or someone else like him. yeah, I think he was provoked and didn’t call because of the garbage (most likely). Cops are bad right? You will have to change the entire law before you sound rational, or normal.(see provocation.)

  • Caubfab Fwvnpiab

    I wonder what ever happened to those people who started the brawled in the bar? did any of them get charged/arrested? No. So, yeah, according to the cops he broke their law… But morally, he did to protect himself and his girlfriend. the idiot who got stabbed by Diamond truly deserve it.. I believe it’s unfair that he got arrested for protecting himself. it should have been the other way.

  • Sickofthedrama

    The fact that people are crying about how if he was black he would have been shot shows the true ignorance and pathetic media’s affect on the masses! Want to know who the true victims of the world are? The Jewish! Since the beginning of time… What happened in the past has nothing to do with me or my family.. To my knowledge it has nothing to do with my ancestors either…. But what I do know… living your life as a victim, directly affects your life, your future and most importantly what you teach your children! I have taught mine to give everyone a chance no matter what race! There in lies the problem with society!

    • jayhawk37

      The article at that URL is the slimiest scumbag piece of writing ever. The pictures tell the story of a girl whose business is providing clowns for parties.

  • jayhawk37

    Per this article it sounds like the “celebrity” and his girlfriend were arrested, while the real trouble makers were not. What caused Screech’s girlfriend Amanda to bleed? Wasn’t she the victim of an attack or scuffle?

  • Kupo Mog

    I live in WI. The Wisconsin laws defining ‘switchblade’ are extremely poorly worded, and VERY often abused by cops who are simply out to get people for the sake of it. The definition literally includes any knife that requires ‘movement’ to open, including tough lock-blades because one needs to use one of their hands to open the knife. Here is the statute: “Whoever manufactures, sells or offers to sell, transports, purchases, possesses or goes armed with any knife having a blade which opens by pressing a button, spring or other device in the handle or by gravity or by a thrust or movement is guilty of a Class A misdemeanor.” I have two friends that they have done this particular abuse to, and both weren’t AT ALL switchblades by any viable definition. First, note the “whoever manufactures, sells, or offers to sell”: the first one had gotten their knife in the same town, at the local Walmart. YET the town would not go after Walmart or try to stop them from selling the same knives. The second person’s was an old one of those Leatherman multi-purpose things, and the only reason it was called a ‘switchblade’ was because one could use a quick motion… to open it into a pair of PLIERS. But it still had knives in its apparatus, and sometimes those get . And it opened with a motion to become pliers. And sometimes when Leathermans get old, those with knives on the plier-head side can be left with the knives exposed because they don’t close as well as when they were new, and closing them from pliers can be done ‘with a motion’. They abused that pairing to claim it was a ‘switchblade’. I recommend giving NO respect to any claims that he had a switchblade until we see the knife, and can tell whether it is or is not in fact a switchblade by any reasonable definition (of which Wisconsin’s is NOT).

  • Kupo Mog

    Oh, and the ‘concealed weapon’ stuff is stupid in WI too. Another friend of mine they claimed had a ‘concealed’ weapon because the weapon was sheathed – though entirely exposed on her belt. I had literally seen her the day before with it, and could see the knife and think ‘huh, a knife.’ at 30-40 meters distance (without exaggeration). But because the blade wasn’t visible, it was ‘concealed’. So you either carry a knife fully exposed, or you can’t have a knife, is the gist of it: a nice leather sheathe to keep the knife safe and people safe from the knife is not allowed. Consequently, this was a fishing/hunting knife, which are, as a general rule, kept in nice leather sheathes at one’s belt. And yes, she hunts and fishes.

  • darshaneeander

    I’m quite sure if the fatted calf were not relegated to just any ones ego trip, justice would prevail indubitably.

  • darshaneeander

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    When I was one-and-twenty
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    ‘The heart out of the bosom
    Was never given in vain;
    ’Tis paid with sighs a plenty
    And sold for endless rue.’
    And I am two-and-twenty,
    And oh, ’tis true, ’tis true.

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