“It’s ridiculous!” Mother says bullets fired into two homes on Christmas came too close to her young girls

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee police say shots were fired into two homes on Thursday evening, December 25th -- and a mother tells FOX6 News a stray bullet barely missed her two young daughters, as they were enjoying their Christmas presents.

It happened just before 7:00 p.m. in the 2800 block of N. 17th Street.

Police say a five-year-old girl inside one of the two homes into which shots were fired was struck by debris.

"It was loud, like 'POW!'" five-year-old Maria remembers.

Maria's mother, Sophia (who only wanted to share her first name with FOX6 News) says someone was trying to get into their aunt's home near 17th and Hadley on Christmas. Soon, shots were fired.

"Police said if she would`ve just been slightly this way, it would`ve went right through her. It`s crazy because I would`ve been burying if not one, both on her birthday," Sophia tells FOX6 News.

Sadly, one wouldn't be able to immediately tell which homes were hit on Christmas. A FOX6 News crew at the scene saw several homes riddled with bullet holes. Maurice Fair's home is one of them.

"It ain`t nothing unusual. You wouldn`t call a shooting around here unusual," Fair said.

"Just another day in the neighborhood. That`s all it is. Just another day in the neighborhood and yet we should be outraged," neighbor Chef Perry said.

This incident will remind many of another recent shooting in Milwaukee -- this one fatal. Five-year-old Laylah Petersen was shot and killed while sitting on her grandfather's lap near 58th and Fairmount.

"Innocents. Innocent children dying -- for what? I don`t know what I would`ve done. I literally would`ve went crazy," Sophia said.

This mother is now reflecting on how close she came to losing her child on Christmas. Thankfully, her only struggle was trying to convince the girls to get some sleep.

"I didn`t have no sleep because my heart just make me cry and my heart was scaring me," five-year-old Maria told FOX6 News.

"Merry Christmas. That`s pretty much what they`re saying to us. Merry Christmas. Here you go -- a dead child. It`s ridiculous," Sophia said.

No one is in custody in connection with this incident.

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  • Mom on a mission

    So fracking tired of all this thuggery. Listen up, little criminals, some of us moms have had it with your nonsense. Get out of our city. Maybe your boys wont snitch but if I figure out who you are, I’ll turn you AND your whole gang in. And you other moms, get your sons out of the street…either by love and discipline, love and encouragement, or love and the cops.

  • Fancy

    Who are these thugs shooting up houses? That’s a cowardly thing to do. You must be a lonely evil person who hates self to indulge in that kind of activity. Shooting guns & injuring innocent lives doesn’t make you tuff it makes you a PUNK @$$ BUM!!

  • John

    Where’s the outrage? This story and Layla’s should have way more attention from Milwaukee media than a certain story they keep shoving down our throats. Where’s the protestors for this?

  • Afro Griffin

    Why do people compare other victims who were shot by others? You cannot compare cops to regular civilians! When civilians kill other civiliansthey are caught and prosecuted then sent to jail.

  • Linda

    Um where did it happen? Exactly. This is what “black Milwaukee” has become. I’d advise you to move but then you’ll bring the garbage with you to the suburbs.

  • Chaos78

    Amazing! Where is the outrage here? Two kids almost get shot! And nothing! Just a normal day in Milwaukee ? What the f$ck is wrong with people

  • laura

    It’s time for us as people, as Americans, to clean up our streets and look out for each other. If you see a suspicious person no more of the ‘not my business’ CALL it in. If people you know family, friends, have illegal firearms turn them in. Get to know your neighbors, if they know you they will help look out for you and yours and vise versa. Crime can only stay where people are too afraid to stop it. DO SOMETHING

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