TRAGIC: Indiana man mauled to death by his own pit bull “Fat Boy” on Christmas Day

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INDIANA (WITI) -- A sad story out of Indiana: A pit bull mauled his owner to death on Christmas Day.

FOX6's sister station WGN reports 40-year-old Eddie Cahill was at home on Thursday, December 25th with his two eight-year-old dogs "Fat Boy and Keylo."

Cahill's wife was spending the day with her family. When she returned home, WGN reports she found Fat Boy with blood on his mouth, and Cahill dead in the living room -- covered in dog bites.

The dog was taken to the humane society, where officials had to use a taser to get the dog under control. The dog was euthanized on Friday, December 26th, at the request of the family.

WGN reports the family says they had given the dog bones for Christmas, and they call what happened a freak accident.

A police report shows Cahill's wife told a responding officer she had warned her husband to have the dog euthanized because it was violent and unpredictable, but she now says that's not true.

"They were playful dogs. One slept with the girls and the other slept with me and my husband. I don't want people to think bad of pit bulls. It was a freak accident. He loved those dogs," Cahill's wife told WGN.

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  • freethemedia

    Where is the FREE media. 2014 has resulted in RECORD breaking number of canine related fatalities.. Cover this fact. People can’t be prompted to be more responsible if they are kept in the dark.. Stop appeasing facebook noise makers and censors and report this reality

    • D.Martin

      I was thinking the same thing. They’re all smiles and seem in a good mood after losing a loved one. It doesn’t really sit right. Plus, the conflicting stories told by the wife about the dog. Was it well behaved or did it have aggression problems previously. I hope investigators look a little more deeply into this. Something doesn’t seem right.

  • Bob

    Oh yeah these two dogs were so harmless that’s why they would kill their owner over a bone. When will people wake up and realize that any dog can turn at any time?? It just so happens this guy had pit bulls which can do much more damage than a toy poodle. Interesting that Eddie did not go to the in-laws house on Christmas???

    • Jack

      Bob, you’re misinformation is laughable. You seem like the ultimate Internet troll, ive seen your posts on so many different pages for this story. You’re a joke, ive owned pitbulls responsibily for my whole life and have never, not once had an issue. They’re incredible dogs if raised correctly (like any dog). Savages put there use them the wrong way, and even most that have been extremely abused are such loving, forgiving animals. I encourage you to check out the website “Stand Up for Pits” and educate yourself some. A few random accidents (and we know nothing of how the dog was raised, the owner, etc.) is not justification to write off an entire breed of dogs. And like myself, there are far, far more pitbull owners/lovers than there are people like you, and we will fight you until the bitter end. And we’ve been winning, overturning BSL laws in numerous States and breaking up huge dog fighting rings and getting those dogs into good homes. You have no idea the things people do to this animals. Again, I highly encourage you to educate yourself on the subject so you are able to provide a valid argument.

  • Bob

    Yea she seems real broke up about losing her mate(the dog). Not so much her husband though. Oh yeah don’t think for 1 minute that pit bulls are viscious dogs. They are totally fine to be living with small children as they only kill adults if you try to take their bone away…

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