VIDEO: Owner of Waukesha George Webb restaurant decides to stay open on Christmas

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WAUKESHA (WITI) — No one wants to be alone on Christmas, but whether it’s the weather or work, sometimes we must miss time with family. That’s why the owner of a George Webb restaurant in Waukesha decided to keep his doors open — serving up burgers for those unable to make it home for the holidays.



  • Lisa Derrick

    This is a great place to eat. The staff is very nice.I know the owner and hes a great Loving and caring person. I am glad to know him and his family. I reccomend you go in and eat and maybe stop at Joeys this and that afterwords. If you like to Tan go to sunset Tan. Its very friendly and Very Clean enviroment. God Bless your Heart Joey.

  • A-man Hecker

    LOL I went to his other Business This N That and offered to sell my Laptop Envy m6 with Beats audio, SSD Drive i5 processor and only wanted to give me $60.00 I sold it for $285.00 e bay buy it now the same day I rejected the offer and laugh saying are you kidding me I had a fey #$%@# language but was an insult to even offer that kind of price. I bet the workers weren’t happy to work a federal holiday. Christmas illegal!!!!!!!!!!

  • A-man Hecker

    Yah we love all here after I get yelled out of the store over a simple laptop sell dispute 4 months ago. cursing and swearing at me. after the fact he got mad when I told him I have sold the laptop the same day for what I wanted it for. Saying I am glad people are willing to overpay me for my up to date laptop w/ win 8.1 Office 13 SSD drive i5 processor. I was insulted with a $60.00 offer.

    I’ll never visit both of his businesses.

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