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One-year-old boy dies after being shot in Milwaukee home

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee police have confirmed a one-year-old boy has died after shots were fired from the street into a home near 73rd and Mill on the city's northwest side.

Police say they were called to the scene just before 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, December 27th. The child was conscious and breathing when transported from the scene died later at the hospital.

Kenny Summ lives a few homes down. He wasn't there at the time of the shooting and says the neighborhood is typically uneventful.

"There is issues every once in a while but everybody usually keeps to themselves. It's pretty quiet most of the time," said Summ.

There are no suspects in custody at this time.

Milwaukee police plan to hold a news conference about this incident early Sunday afternoon.


  • Idiots

    Criminal gets shot committing a crime, outrage. Criminal dies from health issues while resisting arrest, outrage. Man shot in park for hitting a police with his baton, outrage. Children all over Milwaukee getting shot or shot at while inside their own homes. All is quiet. Criminal lives matter children not so much I guess.

    • galaxycontrol

      Why are the majority of you idiots commenting on race? This baby was murdered and all you can think of is race? I don’t know who’s worst you idiots or the idiots who are protesting. RIP little baby.

  • tired

    Okay it’s getting out of hand. Seriously a 1 year old shot due stupid gun wielding fools. Another innocent young life taken all thanks to coward who’s running the streets. Praying for the family who lost they child and praying the coward who did this is caught or turns themselves in. This city truly needs a change in the illegal guns that are getting I’m the hands of these stupid cowards.

  • Aunt Rita

    Trying to understand Thug Life. Does a thug wake up in the morning and just say to himself, “Hmmm, what should I do today? I think I’ll go pop a cap in someone?” Is that what happens?

  • Reagan 84

    Sadly these innocent kids lives don’t matter to them because there is no blame whitey race issue to protest.

  • Amy

    The sad part is these babies are dying but sadly the media doesn’t show the community activist that are protesting and leading positive changes. They aren’t nameless to people that care just people who want to demonize the fact that people are protesting police brutality and not all police. People need to educate themselves outside of the media. Sad day when people are so racist that they can’t see the other side of things.

    • IDIOTS

      When the protests turn to violence and illegal activities, your protests lose all respect. When your protest are for the rights of criminals, your protests lose all respect. When your protests claim the woes of a race, black lives matter, when they should be claiming the woes of all humans, all lives matter, your protests lose respect. When you demonize police officers for doing their job even after a grand jury found no reasonable argument to convict, your protests lose respect.

  • One Milwaukee

    As if all of you are in the “hood” monitoring rallies and protests. You only know what’s on TV, which isn’t everything. People and their separatist mentality is why Milwaukee is one of the most segregated, impoverished cities in this country. This is an innocent baby! #alllivesmatter

  • A-man Hecker

    I live right down the street and my brand new car got robbed last weekend, now a week later shootings rolls around, I am moving out of this terrible unsafe neighborhood. I wasn’t here even a year and crime is hitting.

  • angela

    who ever did this, do the city of Milwaukee and the world a favor, take that same gun, turn it towards yourself and don’t miss.

  • Wow!!

    SMH at all of the hatred in the comments. All B.S. to the side, everyone needs to do their part to make the city a safer place, no one else is going to care if (you, us, we) dont care. Each citizen in each neighborhood needs to stand up and put all racial and economic statuses to the side and respect ourselves, neighbors and communities. We dont have to be all of the same race to realize that the violence affects each of us. All lives matter, even those that spit hatred and injustice.

  • Jay

    Still think gun rights are more important that babies lives? BAN GUNS and BULLETS. NOW. Or you endorse this death. Plain and simple.

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