Police: Woman carjacked in shopping mall parking lot in broad daylight in Brown Deer

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Brown Deer Police

BROWN DEER (WITI) — Brown Deer police are investigating after a woman was carjacked and personal items were taken from her on Sunday afternoon, December 28th.

It happened in the parking lot of a shopping mall in the 9000 block of North Green Bay Road.

Police say the woman was parking her vehicle just before 3:00 p.m. when she was approached by two black males. One of those suspects entered the woman’s vehicle via its passenger side after the woman unlocked her doors to exit her car.

Upon entering the vehicle and seating himself in the front passenger seat, police say the suspect reportedly pointed a gun at the driver and ordered her to leave her vehicle.

That’s when police say the second suspect entered the vehicle from the driver’s side and drove the vehicle off the lot.

The woman’s purse and its contents, and shopping merchandise were inside the vehicle.

The woman wasn’t injured.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police.


  • Stupid Flanders

    I live in Brown Deer – just a few miles from where this took place – and a few years ago I stopped shopping in Milwaukee County altogether because of incidents like this. Now I only shop in Ozaukee and Washington counties.

    Hey Milwaukee County businesses – no sales for you! Hey Milwaukee County municipalities – no sales tax dollars for you! Are you listening???

  • Justice

    Where are the protesters? No one is safe, stop trying to prove a point you cant! Stop blaming others if everyone is part of the problem!

  • Will Howe

    Sounds like the Wild Hunnits again. At least 3 of them were shot in the commission of a crime in 2014. More were locked up for the same. So tired of this. You guys, and other gangs like you, are killing this city. Shame.

  • Bob

    While it is unfortunate that this happened this lady needs to be more aware of her surroundings. These two thugs didn’t just appear out of nowhere. They were lurking there in the lot looking for an easy target like this woman. Why even park the vehicle when you see these two lowlifes hanging out in the parking lot??? Two things need to happen as a result of this carjacking. Number 1, this lady needs to become more aware of what is going on around her so she doesn’t become a victim again. Number 2, these two thugs need to attempt to hijack the vehicle of someone who is a carry/conceal person like myself so they can enjoy a taste of some lead when they try to carjack someone’s vehicle…

  • gah

    No description of the perps. The media are always more interested in being PC than they are in keeping the community safe.

  • Isaac H Abdullah

    I think that’s unfair Bob e, clearly these were to thugs up to no good. Does it really matter what color they were? Tray von Martin was not robbing anyone just taking a store break at halftime of a basketball game. Can we please come off the racist remarks? Heart goes out to this woman and her family.

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