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She got sick with the flu on her 37th birthday, and after Christmas, she was dead

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MISSOURI (WITI) -- She got her flu shot -- and that's part of the reason a Missouri woman's family is in disbelief that just days after she turned 37, they're faced with saying goodbye. The family says Kristie Green died as a result of complications from the flu.

FOX6's sister station FOX4KC in Kansas City reports Green is the second person to die as a result of the flu at the University of Kansas Hospital this flu season.

Kristie Green was a mother of three and a grandmother of one.

FOX4 reports Green got sick on December 19th -- her 37th birthday. Within two days, Green had visited two hospitals. She was told she had Type A flu, and was sent home. Green's daughter tells FOX4 Green went to the hospital a third time as she fought to breathe, and was transferred to the University of Kansas Hospital.

"She just looked so different and swollen and terrible," Green's daughter Latool Williams told FOX4KC.

Williams told FOX4 her mother was placed on a machine that does the work of the heart and lungs and showed some signs of improvement, but the flu led to a staph infection that eventually overwhelmed her body.

Kristie Green died the day after Christmas.

The chief medical officer at KU Hospital told FOX4 people can die of the flu itself, or complications like a secondary infection.

Green's daughter says she can't believe her mother is gone.

"Nobody's safe I guess. It's crazy," Williams told FOX4.

Hospitals across the country are inundated with flu cases right now. KU Hospital's chief medical officer tells FOX4 he's never seen numbers of flu cases like he's currently seeing.

"It's not even in the thick of the flu season yet, and that's what's so alarming about it," Dr. Lee Norman told FOX4KC.

Earlier this month health officials warned the flu vaccine may not be enough to protect folks from the flu this year. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 52% of recent flu samples were not a good match for the current vaccine. The CDC says the virus has mutated, making the flu vaccine less effective and it’s too late to make any adjustments to the vaccine.

Health officials say even though this year's vaccine isn't an exact match for this year's flu strain, it's still recommended. That's because the vaccine can make symptoms much less severe.

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  • Allan Murphy

    Same thing happend to me but i didn’t die never will i ever get a flu shot again smoke pot will cure this but the big drugs are not going to tell you this because they are in the bussness of killing people ……

  • Jenna Leigh Lucia

    I feel so sorry for the family here. This is tragic. My friends 16 year old daughter got her flu shot and a week later came down with Guilliene Barr syndrom. I will not be gettiing the flu shot, and as we see here even the experts say it is not protecting peole. It obviously did not lesson the severity of her symptoms either. Also, look at this headline. “37 year old gets flu and dies. She actually died from a staph infection, but big pharma only wants you to remember (Got the flu..died)

    • Laura Condon

      We see this a lot. Vaccines impair the immune system so individuals are susceptible to any infection that comes along…including staph and they are defenseless against it. Flu Shots Kill.

    • Dan

      Hi Jenna. As I understand it, I don’t think it’s uncommon to report cause of death by the initial or major disease process, instead of the specific mechanism that caused death. For instance, when people are reported as dying from a stroke, quite often the specific mechanism of death is aspiration pneumonia from the person being bed bound, rather than the actual stroke itself. As such, I don’t really think the inference that the lady in this article died of the flu represents any departure from normal medical protocol, as secondary infection is the traditional mechanism through which people ‘die of the flu’. Indeed, it is recognised as one of the more common complications of influenza. As such, I guess I think it’s a tremendous leap to suggest that Big Pharma was in any way responsible for the headline of this article and/or that the headline is somehow designed to promote the ideologies of Big Pharma. Can you explain why you think that it is?

  • Ma

    Condolences to the family.
    Sounds more like complications from being in the hospital and picking up a hospital-acquired infection than flu complications though. I’m sure it will be counted as a flu death though. Ugh. Please stop falling for the flu shots people. Up your vitamin D3 intake instead. The reason there is a “flu season” is because we don’t get enough sun exposure in the colder months and therefore don’t synthesize enough vitamin D3. It isn’t like flu goes away during the summer…people just don’t get sick from it then because they aren’t vitamin D3 deficient. 5000 IU daily!

  • Achsel

    There are hundreds of flu strains and the vaccine each year contains 3 or 4 of them at the most. Most years no more than 12% of identified flu patients match up to the vaccine, this year is no exception. Plus, the vaccine “engages” your immune system for 6 weeks or more post vaccination, leaving you susceptible to other varieties and less able to fight them off. The Cochrane Review study stated that for every 100 people vaccinated it may offer SOME protection to 1 of the 100 people. More than 50% of the vaccine court awards are made to people suffering adverse reactions from the flu vaccine, so basically it is a chemical injection that carries serious risks, offers zero chance of protection and makes you more vulnerable to other illnesses and less able to fight them off. Who on earth would buy into those odds?

    • susanfordkeller

      Thank you for your insight. I wondered if this mom might have MRSA but not realize it. Once she got the flu shot, her system may have been overwhelmed. It’s a shame that people are coerced into getting shots in order to keep their jobs. It’s tough to make an unbiased judgement when your paycheck is threatened.

  • Laura Condon

    Health officials are liars. And FOX6 you are irresponsible to spread their dangerous advice. The vaccine does NOT make symptoms much less severe. The vaccine compromises your immune system so that when you get sick like this poor woman, you have no immunity to fight the infection. Flu shots kill. We see it happen over and over. When will the vaccine pushers be held accountable?

  • Tina

    How awful. I am complaining about getting the flu for Christmas and for my 50th birthday, I’m here. On my 40th birthday I had gotten Alpha-gal, the red meat allergy. I don’t want to have anything for my birthdays. I didn’t get the flu shot because of my AG allergy.

  • Jamie

    I agree. I have gotten the flu a handful of times when I did not get the shot, however it was short lived and the symptoms were not too bad. However, every time I have gotten a flu shot I have gotten horrifically ill. The doctor guilted me into getting the shot when I was pregnant and I got the flu. After I had my daughter we both got the flu so severely that we ended up on IV fluids.

  • Alina Phoenix-Marinca

    Making the symptoms less severe through magical thinking! Injecting poisons is good! Reading the inserts or questioning the official story is bad! Get yer damned (much less effective than we guessed it was going to be) flu shots people! We have to sell this inventory!!!

  • Lexy

    My grandpa got the flu last year October soon after getting the shot.
    My grandma didn’t get the shot because soon after my grandpa got very weak and then sick then hospitalized for lack of oxygen. It led to complications after and he passed away last March. My grandma was completely fine. A vaccine carries a form of the virus in it- that’s why I don’t ever get my flu shots. Truth!

  • Mel Thornburg

    They knew in 1981 Flu was extra activated gene sharing stealth they gave us for decades. Murdering masses use to be a crime against humanity. Not anymore!

  • Ashleigh Towers

    So…. she gets the flu shot, comes down with the flu, flu leads “to a staph infection that eventually overwhelmed her body” and she dies… but they still recommend getting the shot which supposedly lessons severity of symptoms? Yeah, seems legit. Oh and your headline is “Dies from flu” when really, she died of a COMPLICATION of it (and my guess is it’s actually a complication of the shot). Either you’re fear mongering or you have some lacking journalists. Or both. My sympathies to the family who is suffering an unnecessary loss to a multi-billion dollar greedy industry and the deep pockets who control it.

  • Paula

    Finally someone that knows the facts! Do people really think that all health care providers are out to get you? There is actual science behind the flu shot. I have been getting a flu shot for 20+ years and have never gotten sick from it. You all realize that influenza is a respiratory infection not a GI (puking/diarrhea) illness, right? Feel free to believe what you want, but don’t present your opinions as fact.

  • MarilynCNorman

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  • Reagan 84

    This is so sad. Last time I got the flu shot was in 1990. I got the flu 5 times within a few months after. Will never get one again. I think I’ve only had the flu 2-3 times since 1991. .

  • Linda Remaley

    My Daughter Danielle Died of the flu on December 1 2014, in 48 hours after getting a flu shot, she did not feel well and went to the ER and they said she had the flu type A and sent her home with Tamifau. she was back after the paramedics were called throwing up blood and not able to breathe, She died of Flu, Pneumonia, strep and septic shock after 12 hours, with a white count of zero., my heart is broken and i will never be the same, the flu shot killed my beautiful, healthy Daughter, she leaves behind two boys and my husband and i are overwhelmed with grief. 48 hours a healthy beautiful woman is Dead.

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