Federal Elections Commission wants Grothman to clarify donations

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Glenn Grothman

SHEBOYGAN (AP) — The Federal Elections Commission has asked an incoming Wisconsin representative to clarify on his post-election congressional campaign finance records.

The agency wants Glenn Grothman to explain four individual contributors and two committee contributions that appear to exceed legal limits. The Republican was elected to the 6th Congressional District in November and will take office next month.

Sheboygan Press Media reports at least two of those contributions appear to be due to redesignations for spouses. Sargento CEO Lou Gentine contributed $5,200 and former U.S. Senate candidate Eric Hovde contributed $4,200. Both men say half of their contributions came from their respective spouses.

The other contributions from individuals also exceeded the $2,600 limit for a candidate per election.

Two donations of $2,500 from another campaign and $5,000 from a political action committee exceeded the $2,000 committee contribution limit.