MPD officers “a little shocked” when they say man intentionally rammed his vehicle into their squad

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee police have released video they say shows a suspect intentionally ramming his vehicle into a squad car.

Two Milwaukee police officers are on light duty as they recover from some minor injuries. They say even after what happened, they can't wait to get back on the streets.

"I was a little shocked," Milwaukee Police Officer Matthew Brooks said.

Officer Brooks and Officer Dionte King were headed southbound on N. 35th Street Sunday evening, December 28th.

"We got flagged down by a woman who was traveling northbound. She told us there was an individual, a crazy man in the streets," Officer King said.

"We see this older white male crouched below his car and I could clearly see that one of his tires was flat," Officer Brooks said.

"He proceeded to flip us off and yell some obscene language towards us," Officer King said.

The man sped away. When he was turning off Auer, his tire blew up.

"He takes us down to 32nd Street, which is a dead end," Officer Brooks said.

"He started conducting a U-turn in the vacant lot," Officer King said.

"He drives in our direction. At the last minute, it appeared he turned his vehicle into ours and then crashed into us," Officer Brooks said.

What happens next was outside the view of the squad car's camera -- but what can be heard hints at the intensity of the struggle.

"He did not want to exit the vehicle. He was attempting to flee," Officer King said.

In the video, the man is heard saying: "I could kill you guys."

"He was yelling lots of obscenities and then he would periodically sing church songs to us," Officer Brooks said.

After resisting for five minutes, the man was taken into custody.

Officer Brooks and Officer King were treated for injuries to their hands, backs and necks.

"It's just a day's work. This is what we do," Officer King said.

FOX6 News isn't naming the suspect because he hasn't been charged, but he is a convicted felon from Racine County. It is believed that earlier in the day, he tried to intentionally run over a pedestrian with his vehicle.

The Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office is reviewing the case.


    • Somethingtoconsider

      No one has said white people are pure and innocent. The reaction you are getting from the public is because it appears that when something happens to a black thug, the black community is all over it. When there are injustices that happen to completely innocent non black people (13 month old child etc.) or even black or black killings (which happen frequently in Milwaukee), we don’t hear anything (no protesting, no outrage) from the black community or its leaders. Because of the recent behavior with all of the protesting and destructive behavior (Fergusen, NYPD cop killing), they have invited the rest of the country to believe that all they care about are black people who break the law. Additionally, they have invited us to believe that a black person can behave however they want when they are arrested and that the police officers are just supposed to stand by and do nothing to them at the expense of their own lives. Sad to say, that is now the perception.

  • really

    thugs come in all pigments…no denying that…look at the mugshots available online..good mix out there… no special treatment for anyone if you are a felon you chose that life, you do the crime you should do the time, pay the fine..that goes for anyone and everyone who breaks the law from robberies, murders, carjacking, blocking traffic, stopping traffic on a freeway.. writing bad checks… drunk driving, assaults, child neglect,(co-sleeping) drug trafficking, prostitution..and on and on courts should not be lenient early release no favors no excuses end of story..if there were sever strict enforced consequences maybe hopefully these types of behaviors would decrease.. clergy, the public families should condemn this behavior and quit making excuses and’or hiding these criminals from the authorities… God Help the police officers and keep them safe

  • Dennis Butz

    I’m sure it was the cops fault. They are responsible for all crime these days. I know this because the loser protesters and idiot media folks in Milwaukee love to remind me of this every day.

  • PH

    Odd, I wonder why the officer mentioned the suspect was ‘white’. Normally that is never mentioned or maybe the officer mentions it and they take it out of the article. Decided to keep it this time and let us know criminals come in all colors.

  • ubiquitous king

    This thug wasn’t shot? Well that’s interesting. That’s why he’s alive, he’s pinkish in tint. This would have been a justified shooting, but because of the tint on the suspect, these coos would have been indicted.

  • barefootandcrazylife

    Maybe these officers used different methods with this suspect because they were made aware of the state of his mental health before approach. If that’s the case, good! There have been too many cases of people getting hurt/killed because detainment procedures were not adjusted to account for a suspect’s (known or unknown) mental state. Glad this guy is off the streets & I hope he gets the help he needs.

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