Ndamukong Suh’s suspension reduced to fine, will play against Dallas

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Ndamukong Suh stepped on Aaron Rodgers' leg during game at Lambeau Field

NEW YORK (AP) — Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh can play in Detroit’s playoff game after his one-game NFL suspension was reduced to a $70,000 fine.

Hearing officer Ted Cottrell heard Suh’s expedited appeal Tuesday and ruled that Suh can play Sunday at Dallas but must pay the fine.

Suh originally was suspended for stepping on Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ left leg twice last Sunday in a loss to Green Bay for the NFC North title. He stepped on Rodgers once with each foot, which violated unnecessary roughness rules, according to the league.

But Cottrell reduced the punishment.

Cottrell is jointly appointed by the NFL and the players’ union.

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    • Marge Creedon

      That’s exactly why I hate unions. Protect the guilty of doing harm, of not doing their job, etc., etc., etc.

  • pedro rodriquez

    Dear NFL, Stop trying to give me marriage and parental advice till you can control your players ON the field, where our children watch them. You are a joke right now, know it!

  • Karon

    He knew what he was doing. I think he never be allowed to play again. I cannot understand how he is even on a team, when the penalties he SHOULD be getting would be automatic 15 yards and 1st downs. That kind of conduct is going to end someone’s career–& not in a that’s part of the game stuff happens way–his acts are deliberate. I bet if someone did those things to him they would be suspended for life, fined and called a racist of some sort.

  • Liberty

    Shows how weak the NFL is. Knock your girlfriend out in an elevator, beat your kids or abuse other players. It just shows how hollow their words are. Just trying to quiet the fans so they don’t boycott games or slow sales of shirts. Good example of how someone can break rules and show our kids rules or laws mean nothing.

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