Sheriff’s Office warns about celebratory shooting of guns, drunk driving ahead of New Year’s Eve

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has issued a reminder to citizens about the dangers and penalties associated with the random, celebratory shooting of guns, and also, drunk driving. This, ahead of New Year’s Eve.

The Sheriff’s Office issued the following statement to FOX6 News:

On New Year’s Eve, it’s not uncommon for police to receive multiple reports of gunfire. Many people unlawfully shoot guns into the air as a way to bring in the New Year. This is dangerous, and it is illegal. The penalties for this reckless behavior are severe. If a bullet kills a person, a homicide suspect could face up to 25 years in prison.

  • A bullet fired into the air can climb up to two miles.  When it comes down, it can fall 300-700 feet per second.
  • Citizens shooting guns will be arrested and prosecuted.  Unfortunately, most don’t think of the consequences until it’s too late.

Deputies will be enforcing the Operation Drive Sober initiative.  If you will be drinking alcohol, make your transportation plan now.  Designate a sober driver, plan to call a cab, or take public transportation.  The Wisconsin Department of Transportation offers a free Drive Sober mobile app which includes a “Find-a-Ride” feature to locate nearby taxi and transit services.  The Drive Sober app can be downloaded by visiting Milwaukee County Transit System is again partnering with Miller Lite to provide free bus rides on New Year’s Eve.


  • Dmarie

    This and who ever is shooting into innocent people’s houses also!!!!!! I pray to God whoever is responsible is apprehended SOON! ALL of them!!!

    • joseph

      I pray to my lord that you learn how to pray because you don’t pray to the lord that people get caught that’s speaking harm against another you pray that the person gets arrested you ask that the person finds in his heart that what is wrong is wrong and rights right and to have respect for life and others peace peace not harm that the evil way s of human nature self righteous use the lord for your judgement keep your work private not speak againest anyone give it him he will be the judge not you

  • Annoyed

    When I lived in Milwaukee I would go listen outside at midnight and it sounded like a war outside. It was unbelievable. 99.9% was done by black thugs guaranteed .

  • joseph

    Yes shooting a gun in the air for new years is very dangerous but how about shooting it in the dirt and you theres no underground pipes to hit would that be safer

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