South Carolina sheriff steps up big time for Pennsylvania boy who REALLY wanted to go hunting

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(CNN) -- A Pennsylvania boy who wanted to go hunting, and a South Carolina sheriff offering to take kids hunting. A simple mix-up that turned into a heartwarming holiday story.

It all started with a post on Facebook. Chester County, South Carolina Sheriff Alex Underwood offered to take kids on a hunting and fishing trip.

Nine-year-old Alex Collins saw the post and jumped at the chance! He grabbed a pencil and paper, and poured his heart out.

He doesn't have anyone to teach him, he explained. Just his mom, and she's "too sick to do stuff." Collins' mom has a bad heart.

The letter was hand-delivered to the Chester County Sheriff's Office.

There was just one problem: Alex Collins lives in Chester County...Pennsylvania!

"Of course they didn't know anything about it --  but I met the (Chester County, Pennsylvania) sheriff a few months ago at a conference, so when she started researching it she realized that we were having a hunt," Chester County, South Carolina Sheriff Alex Underwood said.

One sheriff asked another sheriff if he wouldn't mind considering the letter anyway.

"(I said) 'hey, if you can get him here, we'll be glad to take him hunting,'" Chester County, South Carolina Sheriff Alex Underwood said.

Affectionately known as "Big A," Alex Underwood was eventually able to welcome his new buddy.

"I didn't sleep at all last night. I was just waiting. I couldn't wait till he gets here," Chester County, South Carolina Sheriff Alex Underwood said.

Their first stop was to pick up some hunting gear, including matching boots.

$220 later...

"You spent that much on me?!" Alex Collins asked in disbelief.

Some of the money was donated, much from Sheriff Underwood's own pocket. There's just one thing Sheriff Underwood is holding back today.

"It's brings tears to your eyes, you know?" Sheriff Underwood said.

The two didn't see a deer, much less shoot one during their hunting excursion, but it's safe to say "Little A's" wish came true anyway.

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