“Tug for luck:” Have a beard (t-shirt) Packers QB Aaron Rodgers would be proud to tug

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A Milwaukee t-shirt maker is striking while the iron is hot!

Just a couple of days after Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers tugged on a man's beard for good luck during a game against the Detroit Lions, Brew City Brand Apparel has come up with a new t-shirt design inspired by that moment.


"I see him reach over and tug this guy's beard and hardly with a reaction from either of them and I think that's really crazy -- so then on Monday and Tuesday I see other news reports and saw that he was interviewed from Wausau so I thought 'what a great opportunity to have a good luck charm to take the Packers all the way through the playoffs,'" Frank Keppler with Brew City Brand Apparel said.

Aaron Rodgers tugs Jeremy Wilcox's beard for good luck (Credit: FOX Sports)

Aaron Rodgers tugs Jeremy Wilcox's beard for good luck (Credit: FOX Sports)

By the way, the man behind the beard is Jeremy Wilcox. He works with sideline communications for the Packers. Wilcox says at first, team members thought his facial hair was humorous.

In an interview Wilcox said, “They all started laughing and talking about my beard, and pretty quick Aaron Rodgers come over and he had to look at it and give me a little thumbs up, and that evolved into coming over and giving it a little tug before the game started. It seems to have worked. I mean, they’ve won all their home games, so I don’t know if it’s a lucky beard! But, I figure, well, you know, if it works, it works!”

In case you're wondering, Wilcox says he plans on keeping the beard for the time being. He says it took him about two years to grow the beard.

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