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BIZARRE! Man with history of harassing women by cutting their hair arrested for doing it again!

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(CNN) — An Oregon man with a bizarre criminal history of harassing women has apparently struck again! He was arrested Tuesday, December 30th after police say he cut off a woman’s hair at a Dollar Store. The repeat offender has been dubbed the “Tri-Met Barber.”

Jared Walter

Jared Walter

Jared Walter was very polite with the judge during his first appearance in court on his most recent charges. What he’s accused of doing isn’t just impolite — it’s downright strange!

Police say on Tuesday afternoon, Walter followed a woman around a Dollar Tree store and then cut her hair while she was standing in the checkout line.

Police arrested him soon after they were called to the store.

“He didn’t make it a month out before he re-offended,” Malcom McDonald with Clackamas County Community Corrections said.

McDonald says Walter had been living at a work release facility. He was apparently on his way back from attending a work program when he was arrested.

“He was due back at about 4:45. He has a no-contact with Tri-Met (public transportation in the Portland area) because of his past offenses, so he is either on foot or on bike. In this case he had a bike and that was his form of transportation,” McDonald said.

McDonald says Walter chose to take part in the work release program, but McDonald says he wasn’t required to be in it legally. But there were certain rules he had to follow.

He was convicted of third degree sexual abuse, public indecency and harassment last year.

Women say on several occasions, he committed lewd acts on buses.

In 2009, he was accused of cutting the hair of women riding the bus, and putting superglue on their heads.

Walter has a criminal history that spans three states.

“Unfortunately, these crimes that he’s committed are low-level and the most that he can get on each misdemeanor conviction is up to a year. He hasn’t, even with this new offense — he hasn’t risen to the level of sending him back to prison. While someone is on parole or probation there is no 24-hour supervision,” McDonald said.

Tuesday’s arrest marks the second time Walter has been arrested while on parole.

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