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Toilet paper roll helps police bust would-be robber

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PENNSYLVANIA (CNN) — A would-be robber in Pennsylvania was busted after police simply followed the paper trail!

It happened this past Saturday night, December 27th when a man entered Michael Maria’s Pizza Shop.

“He handed the employee two pieces of toilet paper and on the toilet paper had wrote ‘I have a gun on me. Give me $300,'” Uniontown Police Lt. Tom Kolencik said.

Police have identified that man as Eric Frey.

“He said ‘there’s a guy outside and he has a gun on me. If I don’t leave this store with $300, he’s going to shoot me,'” Lt. Kolencik said.

The suspicious clerk saw the note Frey was carrying and hit a secret alarm at the counter.

When officers arrived, Frey was still there. He told police he was relieved they saved him. Lt. Kolencik wasn’t buying the story. He found the evidence at Frey’s apartment.

“He actually wrote on the roll. He didn’t tear it off, and it was actually kind of encrypted on the roll which matched up perfectly,” Lt. Kolencik said.

Frey is in more trouble, because Lt. Kolencik says he found drug paraphernalia.

“That turned up another big find, which was over three ounces of marijuana which subsequently is a possession with intent to deliver charge which is another felony on top of the theft and robbery he did at the pizza shop,” Lt. Kolencik said.

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