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One person killed after being struck by train in Pleasant Prairie

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PLEASANT PRAIRIE (WITI) — One person is dead after being struck by an Amtrak train while walking on the railroad tracks in the village of Pleasant Prairie.

Officials say it appears to be a tragic accident.

The person was hit by the train at approximately 4:07 p.m.

The train was traveling from Chicago to Milwaukee with 184 passengers and crew members aboard when it struck the pedestrian walking on the tracks.

The collision did not occur at a crossing.

None of the passengers or crew members aboard the train were injured.

The Amtrak train number 337 was stopped on the tracks at the scene of the accident for more than two hours as the Kenosha County Medical Examiner’s Office investigated.

Police are not releasing the victim’s identity until family identification has been made.

FOX6 News will continue to monitor this investigation and will update this story when more information becomes available.


  • Sheesh

    It appears to be a tragic accident, but most likely it isn’t. Anybody walking on train tracks knows a train will be along at one point or another. I think the victim walked there on purpose. Too bad the train conductor will have to relive the scenario the rest of his life now. Life is hard, and it gets harder when you have †o endure a tragedy like this. Too bad people feel there is no other way, that the rising sun won’t bring about a new day and new hopes. Condolences to all those involved. Sheesh.

    • Chris

      I am a conductor and this is maybe the worst thing that could happen. People have no right to be on the tracks it is private property. It takes several hundred feet for one engine at 25 mph to stop. STAY AWAY PLEASE

    • Tragedy

      I agree that this person was in an area that they should not have been. To say ‘people feel there is no other way’ and that this ‘most likely isn’t a tragic accident’ is just idiotic. We need to take as much responsibility as this person and educate our community. This person is not referenced as a man or woman, which may be an indication that the person was young. Think about yourself as a teenager. Who thinks about their mortality. Sheesh, when did you start thinking about the fact that you were not invincible? We need to do a better job as a community to educate our each other. My heart goes out to his family and friends. I’m so very sorry for your loss. I’m all too familiar with what you are going through. My heart also goes out to the Amtrak crew. These Angels do everything humanly possible to stop these mega machines when pedestrians and drivers make bad choices. I can’t imagine what that moment is like for them. When they do finally stop, there’s locating the victim. The crew have no idea what they are going to find, but the go anyway. I personally have to say thank you for that! You truly are Angels! My heart also goes out to any passengers affected by this tragedy. Sheesh, maybe you should consider becoming an OLAV volunteer – you might just save a life!

    • Broken

      True he was walking on the tracks to get home faster. He shouldn’t have been there. This was my cousin and he will be missed greatly. He was a teenager walking with a friend. RIP Mateo

    • LadyIce SgtatArms

      My nephew did not commit suicide…you didn’t know him so why try to speculate about it. Is that all you can do is throw salt in the wound of my family’s loss…how would you feel if that was your son and someone made a remark like that…have some respect, please! It’s tragic enough without your speculation. I walk the tracks as a kid and suicide was no where on my mind…my nephew loved life and was a very happy young man…eveyone he touched he brought joy to their hearts and their day.

  • delevys

    I saw two males crossing rt 173 on those tracks northbound at 3:10pm. One with a backpack. Both weathering jackets with red on them… Based on location of the incident, i can only assume out was them. Didn’t like that they were traveling the tracks northbound…

  • La'Shayy

    This boy was my friend! We attended high school together our freshman & sophomore year. I will miss him and all of his jokes. Rest in paradise teo !

  • Martin

    We were on that train. Shocking, I can tell you. The passengers and crew (who acted professionally) had the patience of saints. After seeing all the emergency vehicles we figured out what happened soon enough and saw the distraught companion being comforted by a paramedic. That’s a busy stretch of track….

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