“It’s part of winter that makes it beautiful:” Milwaukee enjoys fresh 2015 snowfall

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) --The snow left a nice layer of white outside today. It's been a while since we've seen it, and people were out enjoying it.

The Department of Transportation tells FOX6 News more than 100 salt trucks hit the road this afternoon. On the interstate, it was smooth driving. But people are preparing as more is expected.

Say what you will about the weather, it's hard to complain about this day.

"It actually turned out to be the perfect day," said Duan Nguyen, from Franklin.

It's been a while since we've seen snowfall.

"We've been very lucky, very lucky," said Tamara Reed, from Milwaukee.

And for the people at Red Arrow Park, it was the perfect backdrop for skating.

"It's beautiful. Nice ambiance, nice environment," said Nguyen.

For Nguyen and her kids, hours on the ice were more pleasant than expected.

"The snow is falling, but it's not like cold or anything. We came at the perfect time, perfect day," said Nguyen.

Just as the snow swept from the rink, it is cleared from the sidewalks along the east side.

"I'm glad to see some white snow around. It's part of winter that makes it beautiful," said Marsha Sehler, from Milwaukee.

But weather like this can't last forever as more snow and frigid temperatures are expected. And as people prepare, they enjoy this while they still can.

"We're not afraid of it. We've been living here all of our lives, so we're ready," said Nguyen.

The interstates are clear right now. But a reminder as always, be careful as more wintery weather is expected.


  • chris

    It was a peaceful and fun time at the park until the unemployed Hamilton clan the kool-aid drinkers in tow and the racebaiter Jesse showed up and ruined it for everyone.

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