Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke attends wake of New York officer, Wenjian Liu

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NEW YORK (WITI) — Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke was in New York attending a wake for New York Police Detective Wenjian Liu.

Liu is one of the two police officers ambushed and gunned down two weeks ago in their squad car in Brooklyn. His partner, Rafael Ramos, was laid to rest last week.

It was during that service that some police officers turned their backs on Mayor Bill de Blasio — as a silent symbol of anger and frustration toward the mayor’s handling of the recent community tensions with the police.

The Police Commissioner has asked officers to show respect at Liu’s funeral which is tomorrow, Sunday, January 4th.

Clarked tweeted this picture out earlier today — calling Liu one of New York Police Department’s finest.


  • D. McKenzie

    Seriously? Nothing like using a funeral for a photo op & a little self-promotion. Nice to know he can still find a department regulation uniform in his closet among all the Levis, snap-front shirts, leather chaps & vests. I guess he forgot to pack his black Stetson.

  • get real

    I commend Sheriff David Clarke for attending the funeral of Detective Wenjan Liu.
    Sheriff Clarke helped send the message that all of law enforcement stand together as one.
    The mayor of New York owes a heartfelt apology to all the officers that he so selfishly insulted.

  • Armando Soto

    It should go without saying that the passing of both of these officers is tremendously tragic and they should be forever honored for the time, service and lives they gave to the City of New York. That being said, I just need to ask…. When did the funerals of these two heroic men become about the attendees? As with Officer Liu’s funeral, Officer Ramos’ funeral was also about the out of town officers that made it out and of politicians and high-ranking police officials who were in attendance. How distractions like these be allowed when honoring fallen heroes? This entire business of turning back on the Mayor, in my opinion, is also a tremendous distraction, which does not serve to honor these fallen heroes, but only serves to create a “circus-like” atmosphere. If the attendees and officers truly want to honor and pay their respect to the fallen, I believe, they should do away with the media stunts and photo-ops. It is nice that many people have chosen to pay their respects to these two deserving heroes, but they should realize that it is not about them, but about the ones who gave their lives. I believe that quiet, distraction-free honor is in order when faced with a tragedy such as this one. Of course, I say this respectfully as it is simply my observation.

  • Lily

    Sheriff David Clarke is an articulate and outstanding representative of the police force. Unfortunately, he is correct in his (and others) assumption that the force was thrown under the bus for political reasons. The police have every right to silently protest his turning their backs. They are honoring the two dead officers who lost their lives because of the lack of support from the Prez, Holder p, De Blasio and others.

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