Mourners remember Milwaukee’s first 2015 homicide victims at candlelight vigil

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Mourners gather tonight to remember Milwaukee's first homicide victims of the new year.

A small crowd gathered and placed candles, balloons and other mementos outside the home near Richards and Burleigh where two men were found dead on Friday, January 2nd.

"Out of all the crime that's been going on in Milwaukee, I never thought it would hit my family and it did. And it took a deep part of our heart out," said Lakisha Taylor, victim's cousin.

The family of one of the victim's, a 26-year-old man they call "Mikey", say his death leaves a gaping hole in the life of his 8-year-old daughter.

"A young child lost a loving father. Someone who cared about her, her first man in her life ever and he's gone, never's going to come back -- over stupidity," said Taylor.

The family tells FOX6 News they think the deaths resulted from a home invasion that turned violent.

"If God ain't take them why somebody else have to take them. He lost his life for no reason," said Myles Bay, victim's nephew.

Mikey's family members organized Saturday's vigil. They tell us his daughter was the most important thing in his life. His little girl was at the vigil, surrounded by the family she has left.

"My dad was a very good dad. He did everything for me, he bought me clothes, he did a lot of thing for me and he was just great," said the victim's daughter.

His family struggles with the senselessness of his death as they grapple with their grief.

"I don't wish this on my worst enemy. It's just sad," said Taylor.

On Friday, police took a man into custody who they believe may have been connected to the homicides. They say he showed up at a local hospital with gunshot wounds.

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  • ibn nate

    I truly believe that our people need structure in their lives. What is a occurring in Milwaukee and America as a whole is a direct result of moral bankruptcy. One can be poor but still has respect for his or her fellow citizens, so it is not poverty that is the essential cause of the problem but the lack of adherence to Divine guidance. But if a person (rich or poor) is morally deficient, then that individual is likely to commit some of the most heinous crimes for example O.J Simpson. Also there are many poor people that have respect for others and this is because they were taught etiquettes.

  • USMC Semper Fidelis

    Milwaukee sure has it’s hands full with thugs shooting everyone up, very sad. Really need to stop plea bargains in court and lock these crazy people up for a long time so as they can not REPEAT and hurt others

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