Family of five-year-old Laylah Petersen presents plaque to officers involved in investigation

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- At Milwaukee Police Department's District 7 Monday, January 5th, five-year-old Laylah Petersen was remembered. Petersen was killed in November, when she was shot in the head while sitting on her grandfather's lap in a home near 58th and Fairmount. Petersen's killer remains at large.

Petersen's family is in mourning -- but that doesn't mean something can't be celebrated.

The family on Monday presented a plaque to police. Even with Laylah's killer still at large, they say they wanted to express their gratitude. The plaque names every officer involved in the investigation.

"The Fogl family wants to do that thank you for these officers that were there," Petersen family spokesman Richard Schwoegler said.

Like the badge Milwaukee police officers wear, the plaque is a sign or a symbol that will remind everyone of the little ones that cannot be forgotten.

"You took this home with you. May this be a representation, symbol and showing of why you risk your life every day for our city and for children like my daughter," Laylah's mother, Ashley Fogl said.

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn has kept a pin featuring Laylah's picture in his pocket since the investigation began, and he says it will remain there until the case is closed.

"I'm going to keep that little pin right here. Every once in awhile she reaches out and kind of stabs me with her little pin because we are not moving as fast as she might like. We're going to continue to do our best by her," Chief Flynn said.

Flynn says shell casings identified at the scene have been linked to several others in the city.

A $10,000 reward has been offered for information leading to an arrest in the Laylah Petersen case. Anyone with information in the shooting is asked to  call police at (414) 935-7360.

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