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Family says 20-year-old woman dead, shot during a robbery while celebrating her sister’s birthday

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A 20-year-old woman is dead after she was shot during a robbery in Milwaukee this past weekend. It happened early Sunday, January 4th near 6th and Vine.

Myonna Holmes birthday will forever be the day her sister died.

20-year-old Jahara Kennedy was one of several who came to the Days Inn near 6th and Vine to celebrate on Saturday night.

Holmes says three people followed one of the party-goers inside a hotel room. The victim's family says these people were interested in some designer jeans -- called "Robin's Jeans."

"They came in the room. It was my party. I ain't know them. I just can't imagine -- seeing my sister lying there like that," Holmes said.

Holmes says she watched as the three uninvited men took a few dollars from her party guests, along with cell phones.

"After all this, he decides he's going to shoot -- and the bullet went through the door and hit my cousin," Juanita Gray said.

Another woman was also shot, but she's expected to survive. Jahara Kennedy was shot in the head -- and didn't survive her injuries.

"The violence needs to stop. People need to start telling what people are doing. Too many young people are ending up dead out here," Gray said.

"My sister's in heaven and whatever happened to her bro, it wasn't meant. I'll never forget this day bro. It  happened on my birthday and I'll never forget that bro," Holmes said.

Kennedy's family gathered at Froedtert Hospital on Monday, January 5th as the young woman they knew as ambitious, with dreams of becoming a singer and a model was taken off life support. She was the mother of a two-year-old boy.

"It's got to stop. It's got to stop somewhere. I don't know. I don't know no more. I just want to know why? If you already robbed somebody, why do you all have to shoot? You already robbed my little brother and my friends. Why did you have to shoot? You already took all you can," Holmes said.

Milwaukee police say they are looking for the suspects responsible for this shooting.

Meanwhile, Kennedy's family says she is giving the gift of life through organ donation. They are asking anyone who may know who might be responsible for what happened, to please call police.

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  • Cheyenne

    Heartbreaking, didn’t know her personally but I know people that did. This city violence needs to stop. We need to do better as a community. As a mother I can’t imagine… I know her family I’ll raise that boy right. Blessings and prayers to her family and everyone else mourning for the loss.

  • marculles

    Thats sad to hear people need to put themselves in others shoes they wouldn’t want there own to be hurt rest in peace baby girl

  • tell the truth

    Community outrage is needed…people need to practice safety. ..need to not put harms way…appreciate the officers much crime. And disregard for one another…the work police officers do is greatly..unappreciated…hopefully the criminals will be caught. ..awful that another young child has lost a parent. …

  • sheloves

    Where are the advocacy and protest when cowards with guns take a innocent life. What kind of irregarded people will hide them from having to face the law and be held accountable for their actionds. Somebody is keeping a murderer in hiding like. A rat in some sewer.

  • shania

    I’m sorry for what happen I hope they get the people who did tthis they should be put away for the rest of they life 😔

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